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By Dave Scherer on 2019-03-09 10:00:00

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You guys get and answer a ton of questions about booking/creative in WWE and how Vince McMahon is ultimately responsible for how poor it can be at times.  My question is this.  What booker/promotion/ creative team do you think does the best job currently in professional wrestling?

My favorite shows are NXT and ROH TV so I will go with them.

I just saw ProWrestlingTees has a new shirt with Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. How does that work out with those names' WWE deals? Can only certain names have stores there?

It comes down whether WWE allows the talents to or not.  If WWE thinks they can make good money on the merch, they will obviously retain the rights.

So is it safe to assume Dean signed a new deal with all the Shield appearances scheduled for after Mania? 

Not yet.  He is signed through April so it could also just be that he is working out his contract.  With that said, I am wondering if they were be a 180 and if he will stay too.  With his wife working there, well if it were me I would want to be on the road with her.

With the recent untimely deaths of some of the wrestlers from the 80-90's, namely Bundy and Vader, at what point does WWE say that they should let outside the ring issues with former talents take a back seat to acknowledging talents contributions and induct people to the Hall of Fame before it's too late?  There are some huge names that should be inducted, but because they may not be in the best terms with Vince they're not even a though (Demolition, Ken Patera for example).

I don’t see that point ever coming to be honest.  WWE doesn’t have to reach out to people that they have issues with if they choose not to.  It’s not a “real” Hall of Fame, it’s a company Hall of Fame so they get to choose who goes in and who does not.

Who's behind the sudden wave of "unscripted" promos using real names and the like? And I'm not asking, I'm asking Dave Scherer and Mike Johnson!

As always the buck stops with Vince McMahon.  With that said, it would seem (and I don’t know this for a fact) that the new members of the creative team could be the ones pushing the new direction.  Me?  I am not a big fan.  Other forms of entertainment doesn’t go into “this is real” mode and wrestling shouldn’t either.  Plus, if “this is real” that tells the audience “that is not”.  It’s not a good approach to take.

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