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By Dave Scherer on 2019-03-11 10:00:00

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I get why Seth Rollins used the Pedigree as his finisher for some time, given his feud with HHH and the fact that the curb stomp was "banned" at the time, but considering Kevin Owens has no such link to Stone Cold Steve Austin that I can think of, why is he now using the Stunner as his finisher when he has already has a perfectly established move in the pop up powerbomb?

At this point, nope.  I don’t get it either!

We saw Ric Flair get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame with the Horsemen while he was under contract to TNA.  If WWE really, really wanted to induct Chris Jericho while he is under contract to AEW, how would they go about negotiating with AEW to have him appear on WWE TV?  What do you think they would have to offer AEW to have him appear on WWE TV, and how much do you think it would cost WWE?

Well, they would do the same thing that they did with TNA, negotiate!  With that said, the situations are very different.  AEW is a start up, that is owned by a billionaire, but also looking for exposure for their new product, one that in theory could be a competitor to WWE.  I don’t see WWE having any desire to working out a deal with him or putting their most widely known talent (outside of wrestling circles) on TV at a time when they could use the publicity.  If they wanted to put Jericho in, I think they would just take a wait until later approach.

Ok, I am confused.  I watched the latest MLW show, Intimidation Games, and I noticed there are a number of wrestlers in MLW that are also "signed" with AEW.  MJF for example, the Lucha Bros...  I also noticed that MLW has claimed victory in some bidding wars for wrestlers and was wondering, are the MLW and AEW contracts exclusive contracts?  Are MLW and AEW sharing talent since AEW has no TV at the moment?  Just curious.

MLW has non-binding deals with some of the talent, which allows them to work for AEW.

This is kind of following up on a question I sent earlier, but the March 4 RAW really made me question WWE taking the whole "suspension of disbelief" thing seriously: first we have Triple H calling out Batista, flat out saying that they've been playing characters and that their current feud is "real", as if everything in WWE history that preceded this was phony. Then they have Colin Jost ask on live TV if wrestling is real. What the hell is going on? Yes, I get it, the true nature of wrestling is an open secret, but why why WHY are they going out of their way to ruin storytelling by breaking down the fourth wall with a bulldozer?

And don’t forget Ronda Rousey saying she will now be shooting!  They are doing it to make it seem “more real”. I agree with you, I find it to be insipid and it has hurt the storylines of those involved.  I am not enjoying it either.

I know the irony of the WWE Network claiming to have an "unedited" archival library and nonetheless bleeping out harsh profanity. But the other day I was watching some old Piper's Pits where Paul Orndorff was saying some INCREDIBLY racist things regarding Mr. T. Wouldn't it be in WWE's best interests to censor THAT more than an F-bomb?

Yes, I think it would be!  What was acceptable 30 years ago isn’t today.  I know there are people out there that would vehemently disagree with us but to me, the smart business move is to get rid of controversial content.  It may have been said way back then, but if sell it today then you are making current and endorsing it. That can open you up to problems.  It’s better to delete racially insensitive content.

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