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By Mike Johnson on 2019-03-09 10:00:00

I saw you wrote Gallows and Anderson are leaving and turned down a multi-million dollar deal.  That sounds like fiction to me.  Why would WWE hire them anything in that level of pay when they've done nothing of note in forever?

We are told it was a five year offer, which if you factor in that they have been offering everyone raises, would fall in the multi-million dollar range when you add up all the years.  As far as why they want to resign the duo, it's on no one but WWE as to why they have been sitting around doing nothing.  They aren't the ones who didn't book them for recent house shows.  They aren't the ones who aren't booking themselves on TV.  That falls on WWE.  It could be they have plans for the team going forward but don't want to push them unless they are locked in full-time.

I also want to caution.  I wrote Gallows and Anderson "intend" to exit.  We have a lot of time and road between now and September.  We will see how things progress for the team and WWE. 

Any word on who will play Roddy Piper in the Hulk Hogan Chris Hemsworth movie?

No word yet.  They have not yet started the casting process.  There's no word if Piper will even be included, although if he isn't that's pretty silly.  How about Chris Evans playing Roddy?

Could WWE ever book the Netflix GLOW girls for matches?

If they came to an agreement with the series, sure, although I bet the cast have a very rigid contract preventing them from certain physical activities in order to prevent them from being hurt and being unable to work on set.  Many in the cast do their own stunts, and the series isn't going to want them to get hurt doing a WWE match and not being able to act in the series.

Favorite King Kong Bundy memory?

I have a lot of fond memories of Bundy teaming with Big John Studd.  I always joked as a kid it was like Kong Kong and Godzilla came to life.  As in-ring workers, I don't think fans craving classic matches would look at them today and see "WOW" but they've been weaned on a different style, but in that era, when they showed up and filled the TV screen, it was awe-inspiring.  They were great villains and were a big part of why I fell in love with pro wrestling.  I think the entire Hulk Hogan build to Wrestlemania 2 was just GREAT as well.   To me, he was a huge, bellowing character that stood out in an era where those type of monsters defined villainy.

I am planning to attend Wrestlecon to meet Jushin Liger.  Do you know when he will be signing?

Liger will be signing prior to the Mark Hitchcock Memoral Show on Thursday 4/4 and will be likely be doing something after the event as well.

What's the one wrestling venue you've always wanted to see a show in but never did?

There are two in the United States - The Nashville Fairground and the Mid-South Coliseum.  In Japan, Korakuen Hall for sure.  I've always wanted to see a WWC Anniversario event in Puerto Rico.  In Mexico, Arena Mexico and Arena Coliseo.    I'd really love to see some of the shows in the UK and Ireland as well as those crowds are LUNATICS and I mean that in the most complimentary way.  I absolutely love the energy, especially what I've seen of Over the Top Wrestling in Ireland.

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