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By Dave Scherer on 2019-03-05 10:00:00

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I know it is wrestling and trying to book the angle for HHH against Bautista at Mania but come on man. You have 30 superstars including Braun not running in the back to help a 70 year old legend. Makes you scratch your head.

Some things happen and I totally agree with you.  In that case?  Given that Batista’s message for solely for HHH?  I didn’t have a problem with how they did it. In fact, I loved it.  The whole thing was a personal incident between the two men, with their mutual friend in the middle. I loved it.

While listening to the Billy Gunn interview on Busted Open recently, something he said made me think. He was asked when did he get the call that he was going into the HOF. He said it was the Sat. before. Every other HOF member I have heard talk about this has said that they were called several weeks/a couple of months before the announcement. That, along with the lateness of this years first announcement, made me think that maybe they changed their mind on this years inductions. My thought is that Undertaker was supposed to go in by himself but, with Vince being upset that he is doing Starrcast, they changed their mind and decided to wait until a later year. What do you think?

Well, it’s a theory.  I have not heard that there is anything to it and I highly doubt that there is.  The HOF is TV event and a live event.  You can’t do three hours for one person.

Do you think ROH regrets helping out so much with "All In"?  What do you think they knew and when did they know it?

The Elite were going to do the show anyway, so it didn’t hurt ROH to help them.  It would have happened either way.  Plus, being involved probably led them to thinking that doing the show at MSG was a good idea, so it was a positive.  I am sure that they heard rumors when we heard rumors, back near the end of last year.  They were talking contracts with the guys so they probably had an idea when the deals didn’t progress.

I heard you on Stu and Pid talking about how MLW hired Jim Cornette and not Vince Russo.  It made me think, do you think any company would hire Russo to do creative at this point?

I never say never but Russo has been available for a while now and no national company has made a play for him.  A few readers sent me a tweet he did a month or so ago where he said he needs to do his podcast to make a living, so I would guess if someone wanted to bring him in to book he would certainly listen.  It just doesn’t seem that anyone is interested in using him in that capacity at this time.

Watching the rise of Kofi (who I've always loved) has been a rare bright spot on WWE TV this past week. He's always been a great performer, but his matches with Bryan showed a spark that's been missing from the company. The spot during the Elimination Chamber where he yelled for chops was especially good. It's been quite a while since I've seen a WWE crowd react like they did during Kofi's last two matches. Is it time to catch lightning in a bottle, or do you think they'll drop the ball and squander yet another opportunity (like they did with Braun when he was white hot)? If it were me, it's Kofi/Bryan at Wrestlemania, with Kofi getting the big moment.

It would certainly seem that Vince McMahon taking him out of the Fast Lane match is being done to set up Bryan vs. Kofi at Mania.  If that isn’t the plan, I think they dropping the ball in a big way.  The fans got behind Kofi and want to see him get a shot.  Give the fans what they want.

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