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By Dave Scherer on 2019-03-04 10:00:00

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Sometimes I wonder about all the women of ECW and what happened to them. So any idea about where Lori Fullington (Peaches) has been since her last appearance. I also wonder why convention promoters don’t try to get some the of the female stars of ECW (Kristina Laum, Donna Adamo, Chasity/Denise Riffle, and more) into a venue for the fans. It would be nice to talk with the valet and female wrestling ECW stars of the mid-nineties. Seems like easy money for everyone.

I know in at least a couple of those cases life went on and in at least a few cases the women are now working at “real” jobs.  I don’t know much about the convention circuit so I can’t say why they haven’t been booked, or if they have even be asked.  I would think that if they were willing, for the right price, they would be brought in.

My question is how did the Singapore Cane become, or rather, maintains being such a prominent weapon in almost, if not all wrestling companies?  I am old enough to remember the history in about 1994 i think where the teenager convicted of vandalism and was sentenced to being caned.  I think Sandman may have been the first, but it has really grown to be almost more prevalent than the proverbial "steel chair".  

Yep, it started with The Sandman in ECW after the kid was caned in Singapore.  It became a staple after that.

If tickets went on sale today for the ROH MSG show  without the Elite on the bill, do you think it still sells out MSG?

It’s impossible to say but my hunch is yes, it would.  People travel in from all over the world for WrestleMania.  They would be in town for Mania and the allure of seeing the ROH and New Japan talent, even without the Elite guys, is strong.  I think it would have done good business either way.

So they can’t turn Roman heel.  Everybody loves Rollins right now. How do you think Vince plans to work a feud for the title, assuming Rollins beats Lesnar?

I don’t know if they have gotten that far down the road.  At this point, Roman doesn’t need the Title in my opinion so I have him be happy for his brother, and let that run for a while.  Down the road, if both guys are faces, they could do the Rocky-Apollo Creed “I have to know” bit and do a face vs. face match.  Plus, down the road Roman will just be Roman again, not fresh off of the great news he gave us last Monday, so that will change the dynamics as well.

In relation to reports that the recent NXT Call ups were down to Vince McMahon not thinking the current main roster were ‘superstars’. My question is, how can the current WWE roster be superstars when the current way of doing things (rightly or wrongly – that’s another question) is to script promos and some of the TV shows don’t have scripts finalized until moments before the show? Is it not simple math to figure out that giving talent the script/TV plans for the night/week in advance could have them working hard on delivery and nailing how the company expect them to work?

That is part of it.  The rest is the script that you give them.  Some of the verbiage comes across so badly it’s no wonder it doesn’t resonate with the fans.  When promos sound real, they work.  When they sound contrived, they don’t.  Vince is the final say on the promos, so the blame falls on him almost all the time when talents don’t get over.  If the wrestler is doing their part and the words Vince writes are the problem, it’s not their fault.

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