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By Mike Johnson on 2019-03-02 10:00:00

I remember there was talk of a show on Vice exploring pro wrestling mysteries and deaths.  Whatever happened to it?

We are told that several episodes were done, but the show has yet to have it's premiere set on the cable network.  It is expected to debut this year.

Starrcast books The Undertaker and Bruce Prichard is hired back to WWE.  Did WWE torpedo the Conrad Thompson podcast?

It would appear that way, but we are told that the Prichard discussions dated back a bit, so I don't think it was an immediate backlash to the Undertaker booking.  I am sure that was only an added positive, but if they really wanted to, they could request Prichard's podcast be shut down, which hasn't happened...yet.

Has there been any talk of a backlash from Japanese fans overthe G1 Climax being moved to the United States?

No.  It's only the opening night of a very long tournament that is being held in Dallas, not the entire event.  I don't believe there would be any backlash to that.  If they moved Wrestle Kingdom to say, Los Angeles, I could see fans being upset.

Luke Perry had a stroke.  His son is a pro wrestler.  Why did you not cover it on the site?

I chose not to write about it, because I felt it was exploitive to try and drive traffic with the story.  Obviously, we wish the Perry family, including Perry's son Jungle Boy, nothing but the best.  I was  a big fan of Perry's old show Jeremiah, so the news of his stroke bummed me out.

What do you think was the celebrity appearance that seems the weirdest in hindsight?

The one I still get asked about to this day is Herb from Burger King appearing at Wrestlemania 2, since it was a campaign that was big at the time but has no cultural signifigance today at all. 

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