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By Dave Scherer on 2019-02-24 10:00:00

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Why does WWE frequently have their Champions lose non-title matches?  This has gone on for many years and I don't understand it.  I think it makes the champions look weak.  What do you think?

They do it to show that the person who beat the champ could do so if they get an actual Title match.  I don’t have any problem with that practice.

It's Friday night before the Monday Roman Reigns return. I want to propose a possible scenario, given he is ready to return and he is healthy. All bets are off if he's still recovering from leukemia. Roman announces that he's healthy enough to return to Wrestlemania, but he can't compete yet. So he volunteers and Vince approves for him to be the guest referee in the main event. The crowd goes crazy after Vince approves this addition to the main event, which is admittedly lacking in excitement.  At the end of this Wrestlemania match, Seth hits the curb stomp or some other finishing maneuver on Brock, and as Roman counts 1, ... 2, ... he stops. He then picks Seth off of Brock, Superman punches him, and Brock covers Seth for the pin. It's a MAJOR swerve. Roman joins the Heyman stable, solidifying Roman's place as a heel. 

Well, yes, that would certainly be a major swerve, of the Vince Russo variety.  So you want to bring back a guy that had to go and fight a recurrence of cancer and have him turn heel by attacking a guy that cried when he found out his friend was ill?  I think that’s definitely something Russo would do, and I hate the idea.   I don’t want to boo someone that fights and beats cancer.  Plus, how do you sell it?  Roman has been a stand up guy for years.  What is he supposed to say, “Getting cancer made me realize I want to be a dick!”?  That would suck.

I recently read this quote from Dave Meltzer on the recent NXT call-ups. “Vince felt that the reason the ratings are down is because the product is stale, the stars are stale, and ‘We don’t have any superstars, and these guys that we have aren’t gonna be superstars so we need to make new superstars, so we gotta get guys that we haven’t ruined.’”  If that's true how in the hell does Vince not realize it's his fault.  Talent is far from the issue.  It seems to be obvious to everyone but him it is poor booking and storytelling.

I am not in his head so I can’t say how he doesn’t realize what the issue really is.  It’s pretty clear that the roster is loaded with talent.  How they are perceived, at least in most cases, is the direct result of how they have been booked.  Since he is in charge of that department, that falls directly on him.  He is the reason that there is malaise, not the talents.  He should point the finger of blame at himself and realize that he has failed the wrestlers.

What is the point of the brand split when NXT callups like Heavy Machinery and Lacey Evans have been appearing on both Raw and Smackdown indiscriminately with no brand designation in sight? Those callups (especially EC3) have been used horribly since arriving on the main roster.

What is the point of the brand split when, after Vince removes Becky Lynch from her match with the Raw Women’s Champion, he replaces her with another Smackdown talent?  Answer, there is no point!  The brand split is whatever WWE says it is.  At least in the case of the call ups they can say that they haven’t been assigned to a brand yet.  In Charlotte’s case?  There is no reason.  And again, the problems there fall directly on Vince McMahon.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how lightly do you think WWE will be treading regarding the build-up to their next Saudi show?

I would hope that they would doing it at or close to a 10 (being most lightly).  They got some leeway last time since the situation with the murder happened so close to the show date.  Now?  They have to realize what the situation is now.  They are probably forced to show the event on the WWE Network but they should not go out of their way to mention the locale and they had better not do any of the puff pieces like they did at the first show.

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