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By Mike Johnson on 2019-02-22 17:07:00

For those asking, we are told by numerous WWE sources that TJP was released by the company.  This was not a case where he asked for a release and was granted one, similar to Tye Dillinger or Hideo Itami, who's WWE exits were also announced today.

TJP, who had wrestled for New Japan, Impact Wrestling, EVOLVE and scores of other promotions, commented on his release via Twitter, writing, "Thanks for giving me a chance and letting me play for the team I grew up watching."


TJP was the first WWE Cruiserweight Champion by virtue of winning the Cruiserweight Classic tournament.    He had not been pushed for some time, and as 205 Live grew into a weekly series, had been downplayed over time.  In fact, TJP hadn't won a match since September 2018.  

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