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By Mike Johnson on 2019-02-22 10:00:00

Since his partner left, Shane Thorne has been used to put others over.  Do you think he has a chance to rebound?

I don't know what he needs to rebound from. He's been on WWE NXT TV and has had some solid performances.  He's just not part of a tag team anymore, so until WWE figures out how they want to retool and use him, he's appearing in a supporting role.  Lots of NXT talents have done the same before they got their big push.  I wouldn't be too concerned for him.

Anything new on Shane Strickland?

We are told he is still WWE-bound.

Did Paige do the wrestling stunts in her movie?

No, the in-ring stunt double for the actress who plays Paige in Fighting with My Family is current Impact Wrestling star Tessa Blanchard.

How many times did the late legendary female wrestling champion The Fabulous Moolah (Lillian Ellison) lose her womens title? To whom did she lose the title?  

While often presented as this long, uniterrupted women's championship reign, like a lot of other things in wrestling, it was all hype to promote Moolah.  She lost the belt on occasion to set up rematches.  To the best of my knowledge and research, here are women she dropped the belt to, although I am sure there are others that have been lost to time due to the record keeping of the era.  Moolah lost the women's championship on these occasions:

1966 - Betty Boucher
1968 - Yukiko Tomoe
1976 - Susan Green
1978 - Evelyn Stevens
1984 - Wendi Richter
1987 - Sherri Martel
1999 - Ivory

Whatever happened to the Slammys?

WWE quietly decided to stop using them as a branded-episode of Raw.  It could always resurface.

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