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By Mike Johnson on 2019-02-21 10:00:00

What are the odds WWE puts Linda McMahon, former company President, into the WWE Hall of Fame this year?

I haven't heard anything in that direction and I don't see the company doing it anytime soon.  While she certainly deserves to be honored for her contributions behind the scenes, I don't see the company trying to do so while she is a sitting member of the current Cabinet for President Trump.

There were rumors of Bam Bam Bigelow going into the HOF last year.  Any chance it happens this year?

We've heard rumblings of the potential.  Having it done in the Northeast makes a lot of sense, especially if they could get Lawrence Taylor to do the induction.  I'd love to see it.

Whatever happened to Francine?

Francine is retired from the business, married and has two children. She occasionally makes appearances, such as one this April at Wrestlecon, but for the most part, has closed that chapter on her life.

Since WWE hasn't brought back Little Guido for 205 Live, any chance he will be popping up in Impact or ROH?

Guido has been working as a court officer in New York State in recent years and doesn't wrestle on a regular basis anymore.  I always loved his work and felt Guido he was one of the best utility players of the last 20 years in the business - he could do comedy, tags, Cruiserweight style, anything that was required of him. To me, he's the type of veteran you'd want to sign but as he gets older, I don't see him wanting to continue full time in the business.  You might see some cameos or him doing some local wrestling, but I don't see him wanting to wrestle full-time anymore at 46 years old.

Is House of Hardcore done?  I see Tommy Dreamer working for Impact creative and I don't see any shows announced.

We are told the promotion is not done and Dreamer is working on setting up shows.  There is an event announced for June in Canada.

I know this isn't really a wrestling question, but where the hell did Spike TV go?

It was transformed into The Paramount Network.

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