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By Mike Johnson on 2019-02-21 09:26:00

Since we have gotten a lot of emails about the Hulk Hogan film that was reported on yesterday by The Hollywood Reporter, it should be pointed out they are very early on in the process of the film.

We are told that Netflix is very high on the project, but no work has been done yet on a screenplay, which will be written by John Pollono (Stronger) and Scott Silver (The Joker)..  Once the deal is set in stone, that process will begin and once they are happy with the script, they will jump right into production, but all of that depends on when they get the script to where all sides want it to be.

There has been no additional casting done for the film yet beyond Chris Hemsworth being attached to play Hogan.

So, lots of work still to be done.

As noted yesterday, Hogan is on board officially as a consultant on the film as well as an Executive Producer.   The film will focus on the origins and rise of Hulkamania and will not focus on the scandals or tragedy of Hogan's later years.   Bradley Cooper, who had been offered the role of Vince McMahon in the still-evolving WWE Studios film Pandemonium, is attached to produce.  Eric Bischoff is also on board as a producer.

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