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By Dave Scherer on 2019-02-20 10:00:00

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I was going to ask this question when news of Dean Ambrose leaving came out. But decided not to. But since the question about WWE freezing contracts for injured wrestlers came up. It reminded me of a similar incident with Rey Mysterio a few years ago. So my question is, could WWE have frozen Dean Ambrose's contract since he was out for almost a year?

If he has the standard WWE contract yes, they could have done that.

During the course of a match, is Vince talking to both the announcers and the referees?

He definitely is in the ears of the announcers, he always has been.  He could talk to the refs if he wants to as well.

I liked the NXT and NXT UK entrants in the Women’s Rumble match. However, were you disappointed at all not to see any returns like Victoria or Kaitlyn? and along the same lines, Why no Toni Storm, Shayna Baszler, or Bianca Belair?  I know it all comes down to who creative wants but whats your thoughts on it?

I am actually fine with no older stars being brought back.  I like seeing younger people in the Rumble.  Part of the problem that they have right now is that people come back this time of the year, see that not much has changed and then they leave after WrestleMania.  I would love to see them show the come-backing fans that there are some cool new talents that they can watch.  Maybe they will stick around then.

With the NXT call ups that we know about already, i understand why Lars Sullivan was left out of the Rumble but Why did we not see EC3? 

They decided to not put him in the match and I am OK with that.  Without any build up before his appearance, it probably would have come off as cold anyway.  It would be like, “Hey look fans, there is a guy you haven’t really seen before!”

Just finished watching The Royal Rumble and while it was an awesome show with good booking - I cant help but think - is WWE oversaturated with talent? Between all the NXT talent and current Raw/Smackdown rosters - there is simply not enough spots for everyone! Royal Rumble match itself was a prime example - i can think of at least 15 men that were not even a part if the show! And more and more are being hired. And with so many titles as well - no time to showcase good story lines... unless less some title matches get “lesser” treatment and in that case - what is the point for even having it? 

The roster is loaded, no doubt.  I think that it is better to have too much talent than not enough, for sure.  It can make it hard to have programs for everyone, but good bookers would love to have that “problem”.  As for the point of having it, you can never have too much talent in a physical business like wrestling.

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