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By Dave Scherer on 2019-02-18 10:00:00

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Becky and Ronda get a big match at Wrestlemania and then suddenly Becky is replaced by Charlotte? What is the reason behind that? 

The best case scenario is that WWE is taking us on a ride and putting an obstacle in Becky’s way that she will have to overcome at Fast Lane to get her one-on-one shot at Ronda back.  The worst case scenario is that Vince has lost his mind and will be blowing a home run angle and match.

Why are they going with some tired authority angle mucking up the Ronda/Becky build to Wrestlemania? It’s a plain, simple story that sells itself -- the top two competitors in their division fighting to see who deserves to be champion -- and the tired authority angle just screams overbooking. Why can’t they do the same with Ronda/Becky? Why don’t they have the confidence to let the story tell itself? 

I am with you, this story is so compelling because it’s so simple, the two best wanting to fight and see who is the better woman.  But, Vince McMahon wants to make it more of a story, with twists and turns.  He owns the company so he gets final say.  It’s not how I would book it, but I am not the billionaire, he is.

So after the most recent RAW where Vince force fed us Charlotte, it got me thinking. What has really changed after the McMahons stood in the ring and promised change and to listen to the fans? In my view, nothing has changed. If they really wanted to change, having Balor beat Brock at the Rumble to set up a Rollins V Balor match at Mania would've been the better move. Who wouldn't want to see a classic between those two?! And then we have Vince forcing Charlotte down our throats when nobody wants her in the match. So, what has really changed here?

Nothing has changed!  It was just a speech that they gave to do a reboot and get the McMahons back on TV to help boost ratings.

It took 5 weeks from HHH telling the crowd that “they are the authority” to telling Becky Lynch “listen to them”.. This in the same segment Stephanie McMahon physically stands up to/and wants to fight Becky Lynch. Who books this? This is why I literally watch the youtube clips on a Tuesday after reading Pwinsider’s RAW Report.

Here’s the deal, as I said above it’s Vince McMahon’s show.  He will book it the way he thinks is best.  As I said when they announced that they would start listening to the fans, “I will believe it when I see it”.  He has his way of “telling stories” and I don’t believe for a second he will change that vision until he shows me he is doing so.  He made himself in a billionaire and he did it by trusting his gut, so I never expect him to change and honestly he has no real reason to.  Yet, at least.

One of the things Becky Lynch did when changing from her steampunk character to The Man character was change the way she walks. It was a subtle change but a brilliant idea to differentiate herself from the rest of the women, the majority of whom walk with an over-exaggerated swaying of their hips. Did you ever have a problem with the way these women walk, considering it’s not at all how most people walk normally? 

Since I am not even sure what you are talking about I can say with complete confidence that I have no issue with whatever it is.

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