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By Adam Rivera on 2019-02-15 22:23:00

Impact Wrestling 2/15/2019 Sam's Town Las Vegas

* Keira Hogan & Jordynne Grace beat Su Yung & Allie.

*Impact Wrestling Champion Johnny Impact talked about moving on to the next contender and Moose came out to the ring. Then Killer Kross came to the ring. Impact suggested both have a match to determine the #1 contender....

*Moose vs. Killer Kross ended in a DDQ when Kross threw coffee on Impact who was at ringside. Impact got in the ring and attacked both men. Moose and Kross turned their attention on Impact until Brian Cage made the save.

*The Rascalz beat the Desi Hit Squad.

*Eddie Edwards beat Eli Drake.

*Alisha Edwards vs. Delilah Doom went to a no contest when Tessa Blanchard came out and attacked both women.

*Xplosion match: Rich Swann beat Mike Miks

*Pentagon Jr. & Fenix retained the Impact Tag Team Titles against LAX. After the match LAX beat down the champs and took off their masks.

*Willie Mack beat Jake Crist by DQ. Tommy Dreamer stopped OVE from attacking Mack. Dreamer challenged OVE to a tag match.

*Tommy Dreamer & Willie Mack beat OVE.

*Fallah Bahh & KM beat Reno Scum

*Tessa Blanchard beat Delilah Doom

*Wentz beat Ethan Page

*Moose & Killer Kross beat Brian Cage & Johnny Impact. Impact got hurt during the match and could not continue. Kross busted open Cage with the title belt.

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