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By Mike Johnson on 2019-02-11 13:52:00

WWE's latest film, Fighting with My Family, will be released this weekend in New York and Los Angeles before being released nationally in the United States next week.

Stephen Merchant (The Office, Hello Ladies) wrote, directed and executive produced the film, which is based on a British documentary about the Knight family that was released several years back.  WWE tryouts for Paige and her brother, who wrestles as Zak Bevis internationally were featured in that documentary.    Dwayne Johnson, after seeing the documentary, decided to develop a feature film version.  After a number of studios passed on the project, Johnson decided to independently produce the film.

The role of Paige is portrayed by actress Florence Pugh.  Nick Frost and Lena Headey play Paige's parents.  Johnson appears in the film as himself (well, The Rock) while Vince Vaughn plays a WWE trainer who recruits Paige to the company.  WWE Smackdown Live star Zelina Vega plays AJ Lee in the film.  Impact Wrestling star Tessa Blanchard does the in-ring stunts for Pugh.

The film's official website can be found at FightingWithMyFamily.Movie.  The film is currently rated at 90% via after 31 reviews.

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