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By Paul Jordan on 2019-02-11 08:53:00

Part two of "Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia" featuring Rusev and Lana was released today, with the couple discussing how they met while in WWE developmental, the influence of "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes on getting the pair together and early promos in NXT.  Lana talks about the LA talent search and not being initially picked, the importance of "Total Divas" and what that meant to her, trying out for the show multiple times.

There is also the revelation of the "breaking news" that was teased in the first part of the interview last week with Lana and Rusev revealing they will not be a part of the cast in the next season of Total Divas.  Lana says they were told by WWE's Kevin Dunn that that the couple were "a shoe in" and possibly should be working on a spinoff. However, new E! executives did focus groups saying that the couple was not liked. This makes Lana very emotional as she talked about how editing changes how certain situations looked on the series. She noted the experience taught her valuable lesson. 

When asked whether they would ever want to return to "Total Divas" cast, Rusev said that he wants a show of his own. The former United States Champion stated that when a negative situation arises, he just moves forward. The pair believes they have plenty to do it within WWE and they will see what the future brings. Lana said she wishes the fans can see the matches at live events to note her in-ring progress. The duo state that they are working on two different shows outside of WWE's auspicious, having discussed these ideas with Kevin Dunn. 

They also mentioned working on a comic book with writer Jason Starr.

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