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By Dave Scherer on 2019-02-13 10:00:00

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Who is going to break it to Seth Rollins that he ain’t going to be allowed to “Beat the Beast”?

Vince McMahon will be involved with the top program.  Whatever decision he makes, I would think he would tell Seth and Brock.  I am not convinced it will go the way that you are thinking at this time.  Brock wouldn’t be champion if Roman Reigns hadn’t gotten sick, so there’s hope they will take the belt off of Lesnar at Mania.  They should.

Why does Ronda Rousey always look like she’s about to burst into tears?  It may be her default “I look tough” look but it really doesn’t do it.

I don’t see her doing that so I can’t say.  

How badly did WWE screw the pooch at the Royal Rumble with the Women's Division?  The money match at WM is likely Becky/Ronda so what so they do -- have Becky job clean to Asuka, and then rather than try to get revenge and her title back, slink off to Raw to challenge Ronda. The net result is that it makes Becky look weak (loses clean) makes Ronda look weak (implication is that Becky thinks she can beat Ronda after losing to Asuka).  There were a million ways to get to Becky/Ronda that were better than this.  What were they thinking?

If you read my blog and the Tip Sheet, and/or listened to my post Rumble audios, you know I agree with you.  What they were thinking was to make Asuka look stronger, which I am OK with.  But they could have done it in a better way and kept Becky from a totally clean loss.  

I know his career is on the wind down, and in ring he isn’t close to what he was. But why is Kurt Angle being booked so poorly? The tap out to Drew and even the loss to Corbin could have at least had a build. He lost to them in throw away moments that will not mean anything near to what they could. Add to that a 4 minute rumble cameo. I’m not saying he should be champion, but surely he can be featured better than what he’s getting. He’s one of the all time greats!

Their goal is to get him sympathy with the fan base.  As I type this on Saturday, they did a good job with it on Raw last week.  They built sympathy for him to say he was about to hang it up, only to do a 180.  I expect him to work at Mania.  But unlike Shano Mac, with Kurt they remember he is older and book him in that manner.

Based on your report about Dean Ambrose calling it quits with WWE, it sounds like he’s leaving on good terms. With that said, I’m sure he’s had may talks with his wife about this and has her support, but say he goes and signs right away with AEW for instance. Doesn’t that put Renee Young in an awkward spot politically behind the scenes? 

Only the top execs can say for sure but I don’t see any reason for it to do so.  Dean and WWE did business, then didn’t agree on a new deal.  Renee had nothing to do with that.  Plus, they brought Renee in for her talent, well before she was with Dean.  She is an important part of their company.  I don’t think this will put any shade on her, and it shouldn’t.

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