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By Dave Scherer on 2019-02-12 10:00:00

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With WWE announcing Ambrose not renewing his contract it got me thinking back to 1996 when Hall and Nash signed with WCW.  Even though the internet was still new at the time I remember hearing they had signed, and Vince McMahon even confirmed this on an interview with Chet Coppock on Newsport talk in March.  He said during the interview that we would still see a lot more of Hall and Nash before their contracts expired.  And of course with Nash we did, at wrestlemania, and main eventing the in your house ppv against HBK.  So my question is since they signed or agreed to go to WCW several months prior why did Vince want to use Nash so much in main event or semi main event matches when he knew he was leaving? 

I am just going off of memory here but as I remember it, he really liked Nash personally but he also needed any names he could get.  Business wasn’t exactly booming then.

On Raw after Ambrose lost to Rollins he sat on the chair and was about to cut a promo.  Do you think he was supposed to say anything there?  Or was that all planned to have Jax come out and cut him off?   It seemed as if he was going to drop a pipe bomb of sorts, and I was disappointed he got cut off. 

That was a planned segment.  

Just curious when you watch Raw, Smackdown, and ppv’s does it bother you when they have all the blue and or red lighting in the crowd?  For me it does, as I feel like it takes away from the crowd and the arena.  When I watch old clips of matches it is so refreshing to not see all the lighting and get that full awesome view of the crowd in the background. 

I never even noticed it until you mentioned it so it doesn’t bother me!  To be fair, I am not one that cares about watching the crowd so that could have something to do with it.  I like to watch the talent in the ring, not the people doing the same thing that I am!

If a fan showed up to a WWE event wearing a AEW shirt and was wearing no other shirt underneath or over, and did not have the means to purchase a new shirt on the spot, how would security respond in that situation?  Assuming they would not let the fan into the arena shirtless, would they be left with no other option other than to deny the fan entry to the building?

They would give the fan a WWE shirt, probably The Man.

I understand that Shane is a McMahon and with that comes certain stroke, but why do they consistently book him as superman at the expense of established, world champion-level talent?  He is being booked stronger in his matches than anyone in the company not named Brock Lesnar.

You answered your own question, he’s a McMahon.  I am with you, it’s ridiculous to book a near fifty year old man like that, especially at the expense of your full time talent.

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