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By Mike Johnson on 2019-02-14 10:00:00

With Cody stating that AEW has hired Atlas security it made me wonder, is Atlas security a legitimate security company or are they mostly indie wrestlers like WWE security? What is the History of Atlas security?

Atlas Security is a security firm based in Long Island, NY.  They had been doing boxing events and were brought into the original ECW by Steve Karel, who was the general manager of the company to handle security at ECW events in New York City, which had become pretty rowdy.  They eventually were hired to take over all of ECW's security.  When the company closed, they handled security for a number of other wrestling companies, including TNA and also handle security for events in the New York City market.  They are not former independent wrestlers, but have hired independent wrestlers from time to time to work for the company.

If memory serves me correctly in 1994 when Brett Hart and Lex Luger tied for the Royal Rumble there was a coin toss to determine the order that they would get their title shots. If Brett won, he would face Yokozuna first while Luger had a match against Crush. Lex won the toss and got the first shot and Brett faced Owen in their classic match. Was that the way they wanted it booked, or was their booking really going to be left up to the chance of a coin toss?

It was a worked coin toss.  They had a specific direction and went with it.

I understand Mania is an “All Hands on Deck” event. But couldn’t they have had Balor win at the Rumble and Brock challenge him at Mania? Also, since Rollins is now the #1 contender and Brock attacked Balor at the end of their match, is this going to be a Triple Threat Match?

They could have, but that's not what Vince McMahon wanted.  There's been no talk of a Triple Threat match.  The match was designed to show Balor's toughness, even in defeat.

 I don't really like undefeated streaks – I think they sometimes can overshadow a decent storyline. With that said, what situation do you see best presents itself for Ronda to lose her first singles match? My inclination right now is Becky for the title at Wrestlemania.....main event or not.

WWE is all about making big moments at Wrestlemania.  To have Rousey lose to anyone before that would be silly.  It makes sense to give Lynch the big win, so I agree with you.

 Last fall, I read WWE made a financial contribution to a Knoxville organization with regards to Mayor Kane appearing at a few events. Is there a general understanding (or traditional protocol) of a quid pro quo that calls for WWE to do so whenever utilizing Kane's services from now on? I'd imagine Glen Jacobs gets an allotment of vacation/personal time from his mayoral duties (& many public officials have simultaneous FT jobs) - but what is the theory here for the "donation?" Did WWE do this when Jesse Ventura was in office?

Kane is still under a WWE contract.  WWE did make the donation in exhange for him appearing at the Crown Jewel show.  The donation was not something WWE usually does and they did not do it in exchange for Jesse Ventura's appearance at Summerslam 1999.  The donation was made, obviously, to prevent Kane from getting any bad publicity from going overseas to wrestle when he should be working in his role as Mayor.

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