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By Dave Scherer on 2019-02-10 10:00:00

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I love the wrestling ability of the Elite, I loved All In and I love every Monday when the new episode of Being the Elite drops. However, I have a bad feeling that All Elite Wrestling isn't going to work out and I feel like I'm the only one. A lot of money (it seems) is being spent, it doesn't seem like everything is set as stone as far as long term weekly programming and its being run by the guys that will compete in the ring. It sounds a lot like what sent WCW away. Am I crazy?

I approach every business the same way, how are you either going to make money or create something that someone else will think is worth buying.  In the case of AEW, they already have the money behind them so they need to find a way to monetize what they are doing.  In 2019, it’s clear that the big money that can be made in the business comes from TV revenue.  Even before the new TV deals kick in later this year, WWE gets over 40% of their revenue from TV and that is about to go much higher.  So to me, for this to be successful, they need to get a good TV deal at the least.  A great TV deal would be even better.  As for wrestlers running the promotion, I hope that the Khans have learned the lessons of WCW.

I am presuming when Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano make it up to the main roster, will they go as a team or go as single competitors? And which show would you put them on?

If it were me, I would keep them in NXT and make them part of that group’s continued growth.  They are huge attractions for that brand and they have to keep that in mind going forward for the NXT brand.  I really think they are better off there.  But if they went to the main roster, for their sakes I would hope that they are booked as singles because tag teams don’t get the push that they deserve on the main roster.

Having a hard time wrapping my head around New Japan blaming the US government shutdown for the top stars not appearing when it is logistically impossible anyway. They scheduled the US shows right in the middle of a Japan tour and recently they had the top stars at a press conference for the main shows in Sapporo and Osaka on the same night they have a show in Nashville. Do you feel they are deflecting for the fact they didn’t schedule well? Your take?

I believe them.  I just think that this is a case of not having their ducks in a row.  It happens.  I don’t think it will happen again.

Hey guys, please for the love of good tell me that with the current angle (unless Becky is legit hurt) with Ronda and Becky Lynch does not in no way no how have to have Charlotte involved.  As a fan of what Becky has done, in my opinion Charlotte shouldn’t be anywhere near this match unless she’s making the save with the other WWE Horsewomen against the UFC Horsewomen.  My thought would be to have Charlotte Vs. Asuka 2.  What are your feelings regarding the direction of this angle?

I think if WWE does anything BUT Becky vs. Charlotte they have lost their minds.  It’s THE match that people want to see at Mania.  A three way isn’t.  So it should be Becky vs. Ronda, period.  And yes, Asuka needs a match too and Charlotte is the perfect one for that.

Man...Usos promo this week was 5+stars. Thats is the perfect tag team promo. Anyone better out there?

They are fantastic, no doubt.  I am not big on saying who is the best, but they are great.

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