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By Mike Johnson on 2019-02-09 10:00:00

Since it looks like AEW is going to have an instant sellout, can we make a case they are the new number two?  Are you excited about this?

You can certainly make a strong argument that they are closer to that position than anyone else, especially if they can continue that feat regularly.  I am certainly excited about anything that makes professional wrestling more fun and stronger, and there are obviously a lot of fans excited about this, a lot of wrestlers hopeful this takes off and given the insane amount of interest in the pre-sale, everyone should have their hopes and excitement bolstered.  As long as AEW can have legs, 2019 is going to be a truly wonderful time to be a wrestling fan.  The instant sellout means AEW starts their journey with a homerun at the gate.

Why doesn't AEW use footage from All In?

Ring of Honor owns that material as it was their show.

Do WWE wrestlers ever get stocks as part of their deal?

I am sure some have been gifted stocks in the past, especially when the company went public, but I haven't heard of stocks being part of wrestlers' contractual compensation.  I have heard of employees receiving stock shares as bonuses when they hit a certain point in their employment.

Why hasn't Kelly Kelly ever returned full-time to WWE?

When she was released from her contract, she wasn't happy there and wanted to explore new things, including acting.  Since then she's gotten married, has done a reality series on E!, etc.  She's made appearances for the company but I think it's important to remember that when she left, she had worked for WWE most of her adult life and probably did not want to return to the insane travel schedule.

I could have sworn I saw the Bellas this week in NYC.  Am I losing my mind?

The Bellas were indeed in New York this past week for New York Fashion Week and even walked the runway at the  Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection event.

Where is Terry Funk?

Terry has been in Amarillo, Texas, dealing with several health issues.  He's scheduled to make a convention appearance this August in Charlotte, but has pulled out of a number of appearances in recent years.  He's the best of all time in my eyes and I really wish him and his family all the best.  I could talk for hours about what he's given to professional wrestling.

I saw Impact is bringing back Rob Van Dam.  I thought he was dealing with an eye injury and can't wrestle?  Are he and Sabu back with Impact full-time?

Rob can wrestle, but does have an eye issue that has prevented him from being cleared by WWE medical and working for them.  I do not believe Rob and Sabu are back full-time but this could always open the door for that.

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