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By Dave Scherer on 2019-02-06 10:00:00

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Ten years ago, most of the WWE female talents came from a modeling background instead of a wrestling background (notable exceptions include Beth Phoenix and Mickie James) with the main purpose of being eye candy. Today, most of the female roster came from the indies due in large part to Triple H. Do you think the homegrown WWE women's division has seen its last days?

I look at the current division as homegrown.  Almost everyone that comes to WWE worked somewhere else first.  They come to WWE and then get taught the company’s way of doing things.  The difference between then and now is what the company wants its female competitors to be able to do.

So if the main event of WRESTLEMANIA 35 turns out to be a singles match between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch (which I think we all can agree is the way to go after that hot angle on Raw) and not some sort of Triple Threat Match, is not the character Charlotte but the person Ashley Fliehr, gonna be pissed or what? At one point it seemed like her destiny to be the first woman to headline a Wrestlemania, and then off a fluke Becky Lynch gets super hot and steals her main event spot !!

The character of Charlotte should be irked by that, yes.  And, they should use that in future angles going forward.

With Dean Ambrose being done with WWE in April, what is the status with Renee Young's contract or has she asked for her release?

She is still signed with WWE.  She has not asked for her release.  Just like her husband, she has her own career and WWE has been great to her.  I don’t see why she would want to go anywhere else and try to achieve what she already has in WWE.

I can’t remember the last time, if ever, that WWE has put out a statement regarding one of their wrestlers not agreeing to an extension and saying when their deal is up. It’s usually kept on the down low, but with Ambrose, they didn’t. Was this because it was made public by someone else and they just wanted to kind of stay ahead of it? And if his contract is up in April, do you go ahead a build a Wrestlemania match with Ambrose? 

I think there a few things.  One, they wanted to be transparent with their partners and stockholders.  Two, they wanted to be honest with their fans about the status of one of their upper card guys.  As I type this on Sunday I don’t know what their plans are with him.  I would keep him off of TV, as I have said before.  If they do that, they now can point people that missed the announcement back to it if they ask where Ambrose is.  Another thing that may in play is that by announcing it now, much like Spike TV did to the company when they dropped out of negotiations for Raw, they may be thinking that they are lowering his leverage to negotiate a deal with AEW.  Their thinking could, note I said could, be that they don’t want to be used as a bargaining chip when Ambrose makes a deal with another company.

Is there a particular reason that WWE is hiring so many new producers recently that you’re aware of? Were there some recent retirements, or expansions, or just a feeling they needed more “young” producers who are more schooled in a newer style of wrestling? Or something I’m not considering?

It’s definitely a mix of having more content that needs produced, as well as wanting younger voices.  Plus, with the FOX deal coming later this year, it would stand to reason that with the Monday and Friday schedules, they would need to have more producers since being on the road from Thursday through Tuesday every week (if a producer works both shows) is a serious grind.  It will burn people out.  That is a lot of road time for anyone to do on a weekly basis.

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