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By Dave Scherer on 2019-02-05 10:00:00

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Hey guys I’ve got a quick NJPW question, with the mega push of Jay White which I personally believe is awesome, it’s becoming very apparent that he’s going to be the next IWGP champion.  My question is who would be his challengers?  I also love the fact the both Okada & Tanahashi are doing the right thing in helping make the switchblade look legitimate by consistently putting him over thus doing what’s best for business.  It’s finally great seeing established stars putting over the up and comers.  Keep up the great work!!  You guys are the absolute best pro wrestling news site ever!!  Elite member since day 1 and going to be for forever and a day!!

I am not as well versed on New Japan as I should be, but I wanted to run this question because I couldn’t agree more with you on Jay White.  I love the guy, he’s fantastic.  He has the IT factor.  As for New Japan, I full trust their booking so if he wins the Title, they will have the right guys ready to work with him.

Hey guys with AEW still developing its roster and everything else that needs to happen has it been announced if they will work with other companies (i.e. NJPW, ROH, etc...) for crossover promotional events?  Keep up the great work as always!!

So far the word we have gotten is that they will not work with other groups.  Their plan is to be their own company, like WWE is. And if I were ROH, I wouldn’t work with them either unless they made it worth it to me in a big way financially.  I would let them build their own audience, just like my company did.

Hey guys I’ve got a quick question with regards to Nia Jax, she seems to be very sloppy at time while performing.  She’s had some unfortunate incidents were she unintentionally injured Becky Lynch and now it’s been rumored the same for R Truth at the Royal Rumble as well as rumored various other performers.  While I understand these unfortunate incidents happen and while all of the performers are all professionals, my question is how long before another performer has enough and provides a return receipt.  I understand that these unfortunate incidents happen however, but I also believe in once a mistake, twice a problem.  

Accidents happen in the business, they always have and they always will.  And, moves hurt.  You don’t think some of those Germans that Brock Lesnar does leave a mark?  They do!  Nia has had a few incidents but with Becky for example, that was a wild situation and in those kinds of brawls precision isn’t what it is in less chaotic spots.  Plus, like Brock, she is more powerful than most of her peers and that will lead to some explosive moments.  I kind of see her like I see LeBron James.  He is so big and powerful that sometimes when he gets fouled, the other guy goes flying.  Also, WWE has moved on as a company and receipts are largely a thing of the past.

As always, you folks are first with the accurate reporting of the BIG stories! Question I have is regarding the Dean Ambrose situation: As he's merely seeing out his contract to its expiry date and fulfilling his obligations as opposed to being released/"future endeavoured", is he subject to any sort of "non-compete" period after he leaves? Could he, in theory, be on Raw on Monday and an RoH show the following day?

He could indeed.  They did not exercise the 90 day out clause so there will be no non compete period for him.  That’s why, if I were them, I wouldn’t put him on TV again before his deal expires.  They don’t need to keep him hot for another company to capitalize on.  I fully expect him to go to AEW so I would let him sit out the rest of his deal.  I wouldn’t bury him on TV, but I wouldn't push him either.  

I'm increasingly seeing Chris Jericho referred to as "one of the greatest ever" among wrestling fans, which has caught me off guard as someone who sees him as topping out at the "very-good-but-never-great" level. Do you find the notion of Jericho sitting among the GOATs to be a widely-shared one in 2019, and do you yourself subscribe to it?

Until your email, I have never had anyone refer to Jericho in that manner to me, so no I don’t see it as widely shared.  He has had a fantastic career and has been outstanding for a long, long time.  When talking about the all time greats you have to be on the top ten and I can’t do a top ten that has Chris in it.  Obviously, it’s all subjective but he wouldn’t make my personal top ten.  That doesn’t mean he wasn’t fantastic and I didn’t love his work, because I did, but if I give my Top Ten, I can’t take any one of them out to put him in.

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