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By Dave Scherer on 2019-02-04 10:00:00

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Of all the non-wrestler celebrities to have been a participant in a wrestling match, who would you say impressed you the most? Stephen Amell would probably be #1 in my mind.

I have to go with Lawrence Taylor against Bam Bam Bigelow.  I had so low expectations for Taylor’s effort and he blew them away.  Plus, it was an important WrestleMania match as well.

Are any of the trainers at the Performance Center, say Scotty 2 Hotty or Sara Amato, allowed to work indy dates outside of their PC duties? Or are their ring careers effectively over?

Outside of WWE, they are probably over.  They could probably ask to do indy shots if they wanted to, but I don’t see why they would.  They have moved on and great roles in the WWE system and if they really wanted to wrestle, they could ask to do it on NXT.

Is there a reason why the Rumble went so freaking long this year? I mean, last year’s Rumble had two Rumble matches as well, but that show seemed WAY shorter than the 2019 edition. Does Vince actually plan for it to go so long, or was it poor time management on creative’s part?

They had a lot of things to cover.  When you book two Rumbles, plus the other matches, you can figure it will be close to five hours than to four.  It didn’t happen by accident.  They plan the shows out in advance.  They knew they would hit the five hour window.  I am just happy I am out west and it ended at 9 for me.  If I had to stay up to midnight on a work night, it would be rough, for sure.

I am a ROH HonorClub member. I am considering buying a Roku device but want to know how the experience compares to using a Windows computer. Typically it will take me many viewings to get through a ROH event. On my computer I either need to write down in Notepad how far I got into the event or put the computer to sleep to save my spot. By comparison, the Fite.TV website will remember how far I got into a video and resume where I left off. With a Roku device will it remember where I left off or will I need to write down my stopping point? Second, are all the HonorClub video sections currently available in the Roku app? I remember seeing a note on your website in the last quarter or so that after a recent update most, but not all, of the content you could see on a computer were accessible on a Roku device. Is it worth it to get a Roku or should I just stick with my computer?

I love the Roku app.  I don’t stop and start so I have never checked on the leave off point, but I much prefer to use my Roku as opposed to my computer.  There is a ton of content up there.

Do you think WWE will give the women their own brand? Let's say SmackDown is all women while Raw is for the men? If so, do you think this or next year would be the time that they'll do it?

I see no way that happens any time soon.  USA and FOX did not pay for a gender only brand.  They paid for the WWE experience. That is what they will get.

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