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By Dave Scherer on 2019-02-03 10:00:00

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Two years ago WWE ran the Rumble at the Alamodome, this year it was Chase Field.   Is the Royal Rumble joining Wrestlemania in exclusively running Stadium shows?

After drawing over 48,000 this year, I would sure try it again next year if I were them.  That is a large gate.  I can’t say that they will, but if it were me, I sure would try!  More is better, when you get the more you are looking for.

Do you see any money in mix tag match between Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch against Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey?  ...Or should none of them touch until Wrestlemania?  How about at the very least a joint press conference/contract signing etc where Becky steps up to get in Brock’s face?

Uh, no.  THE match people are looking forward to at WrestleMania is Becky vs. Ronda, for the Title.  Seth vs. Brock should also be FOR THE TITLE.  It makes no sense at all to take away two important matches, with Title implications no less, off of the Mania card.  After Mania?  Well I guess you could go there but I am really not a huge fan of mixed tag matches unless they serve a major purpose, like the one that introduced Rousey did.

WWE probably (most definitely) wouldn’t do this, but should they set up a Curtain Call scenario with all three members of the Shield.  It feels like they should have that goodbye moment.  Roman can just be flown in to hug his brothers and leave to beat leukemia, Ambrose leaves the WWE for the next chapter of his life and Rollins is left on top as Universal champion.  Ambrose could even have a last minute Faceturn so it can stay kayfabe.  The Shield have been so integral to the last 6 1/2 years of the WWE, it feels like they ought to have a final moment.

I wouldn’t have any issue with it, other than the Ambrose face turn.  The fact of the matter is, they are a business and there is a billionaire that is about to try and compete with them.  If it were me, last Monday would be the last time we see Ambrose on WWE TV.  The final visual would be of him being laid out by Nia Jax.  Then, I would take him off TV so that when he debuts for AEW, he has been off of TV for about four months.  Do I know for sure that he will debut for AEW?  No, but if a gun were at my head and I had to be right, I would be sure that is exactly what he will do.  I wouldn’t do anything to promote a guy that is going to the billionaire’s start up.  It’s just business.  If they do want to give them a send off moment, fine, but it should be at house show, not televised in any way.

You answered a question recently about WWE paying for the name Hulk when Hogan worked for them. Was the same true for Steve Austin since the name was the same one used by the Six million dollar man?

Marvel owned the Hulk trademark and Hulk was still active as a character.  As far as I remember, there was never an issue with Austin’s name as it was trademarked for wrestling, plus the TV show had long since run its course.

In my opinion, Ring of Honor is partly to blame for helping to create their competition. They gave their blessing and assisted Cody and The Young Bucks in putting together All-In and four months later, they left ROH and formed All Elite Wrestling. They have to feel pretty stupid right now for letting those guys technically breach their contract and helping them put together a show, if you look back in hindsight. What do you guys think?

Hindsight is always 20/20.  I wish I had it when I bought some stocks.  With that said, I don’t think ROH should feel stupid at all.  They worked with those talents to see if what they were doing as a company could draw a big house.  Sure, a billionaire came along and took hold of the concept but the flip side is would ROH have tried to run at MSG had that show not happened?  Probably not.  So while I think they may feel a bit burned by Cody and the Bucks, as I would, they also found a way to help themselves after doing the All In show.

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