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By Jeff Wirtheim on 2019-02-01 12:51:00

Oliver Luck (Andrew's dad, the XFL commissioner shared some details on the league yesterday on WFAN.

1. Vince has a minority stake in Draft Kings and the plan is to encourage legalized gambling on the games and do fantasy on the XFL via Draft Kings.

2. Vince owns 100% of the XFL and Oliver Luck is the commissioner.

3. Luck is trying to avoid stuff like "He Hate Me" on the back of the jerseys.

4. There will be drug testing for PEDs.

5. All 8 head coaches will make the same money - $500,000 annual salary.

6. The top players can make up to $250,000 with the possibility of bonuses to teams for winning games like the old XFL.

The plan is to announce TV next week and head coaches during the spring.  The plan is to employ approx 50 people in each of the 8 markets; approx 25 in the business, ticket, and marketing area and approx 25 in the football area including asst. coaches, trainers, equipment staff, video guys, scouts, etc.

Credible sports media publications report they have been in contact with both FOX and ESPN. The new ESPN OTT home ESPN+ remains a possibility. Some might ask why go with ESPN+ when you can just go with WWE Network.  Well if ESPN is going to pay you to put games on ESPN+ you are going to take ESPNs money.  No one has ever turned down ESPNs money.  And FOX can clear these games on FS2 any time they want.  The FOX Network and FS1 are always possibilities but you have to program around auto racing, college hoops, boxing and major league baseball. That means that outside of FS2 FOX cannot offer a consistent time slot but obviously has slots to offer just not a set consistent time like Sunday 1pm every week for 10 straight weeks.  There's even rumors of a Saturday 3pm ABC time slot being offered up by ESPN because that can be more consistent then what FOX can offer.  ABC other then 2 days of tennis and 2 days of X Games really doesn't offer live Saturday afternoon programming outside of the college football season.  And affiliates want live Saturday afternoon sports programming.

CBS, NFL Network, and Turner are all not options because they are in business with the competitor league, the Charlie Ebersol owned AAF, which starts next week.  And of course NBC is not going to touch this.


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