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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-01-29 22:42:00

Drake Maverick welcomes us to 205 Live and he mentions the Cruiserweight Title Match.  Tonight Kalisto will face Mike Kanellis.  Akira Tozawa faces Hideo Itami.

We are in Phoenix, Arizona and your announcers are Aiden English, Nigel McGuinness, and Vic Joseph.

Match Number One:  Kalisto (with Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado) versus Mike Kanellis (with Maria Kanellis)

Kanellis runs Kalisto into the corner and connects with shoulders.  Kalisto with kicks but Mike with a kick.  Kalisto with chops but Mike with a kick.  Kalisto with a kick and head scissors take down.  Kanellis goes to the floor and Kalisto with a springboard senton onto Kanellis on the floor.  Kalisto with a springboard cross body for a near fall.  Kalisto punches Kanellis.  Kanellis kicks Kalisto and sends him to the floor.  Mike sends Kalisto back into the ring and he hits a short arm clothesline.  Mike with a second short arm clothesline.  Mike with a snap mare and baseball slide to send Kalisto to the floor.  

Kanellis with an Irish whip into the ringside barrier.  Mike sends Kalisto into the ringside barrier and he kicks Kalisto.  Kanellis Irish whips Kalisto into the ringside barrier and breaks the count.  Kalisto with a kick but Kanellis drops Kalisto on the ringside barrier.  Kanellis sends Kalisto back into the ring and he gets a near fall.  Kanellis with a knee drop to the back.  Mike with a reverse chin lock.  Kalisto with punches and Kanellis sends Kalisto to the mat.  

Kalisto kicks Kanellis and connects with a back elbow.  Kalisto goes to the apron to avoid Kanellis and Kalisto with a springboard seated splash followed by kicks.  Kalisto with a Listo kick and a spike rana for a near fall.  Kalisto sets for the Salida Del Sol but Mike counters but Kalisto sends Kanellis to the floor and Kalisto with a baseball slide.  Kalisto goes for a suicide dive but Kanellis moves and propels Kalisto into the ringside barrier.

Kanellis brings Kalisto back into the ring.  Kalisto with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Kalisto with a super kick and satellite DDT for a near fall.  Kanellis with a boot but Kalisto with an enzuigiri to stop Mike on the turnbuckles.  Kalisto sets for a superplex but Kanellis with elbows.  Kanellis with a side slam off the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Kanellis with a suplex and he hits a second one.  Kanellis goes for a third suplex and he hits it.  Kanellis sends Kalisto onto the turnbuckles for a backpack stunner and Kalisto gets his foot on the rope to break the count. 

Kanellis with boots to Kalisto.  Kalisto with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Kalisto

We take a look at the World's Collide Tournament which will air on Saturday with the winner earning a title match on NXT, NXT UK, or 205 Live.

Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher welcome Humberto Carrillo.  Drew says you have shown great potential and they say that you can succeed with the proper guidance.  You showed you can fly, but it is necessary.  Drew mentions the story of Icarus.  Jack says they will provide the guidance to be successful.  There are a lot of wrong ways to lose a match and they will make sure that you do not make those mistakes.  They offer to be in Humberto's corner for his next match.

Ariya Daivari walks around here like he was untouchable.  He says a multiman match is all luck and no skill.  Hideo Itami because a legend taking care of his opponents one on one.  He will show his dominance against Akira Tozawa.  Itami speaks in Japanese as we go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what happened in the parking lot when Tony Nese and Noam Dar were brawling.  

We are told that Noam Dar is not seriously injured.  Tony Nese has been indefinitely suspended.  Buddy Murphy is asked about Tony's actions.  Buddy says he will say no so he won't get suspended.  He starts to walk away without saying whether he condones what happened.  Buddy says he wanted to cement his legacy at the Royal Rumble.  He won on Sunday and he will wait to see who the next challenger and then he will knock him down.

Match Number Two:  Akira Tozawa (with Brian Kendrick) versus Hideo Itami (with Ariya Daivari)

Daivari has some advice for Itami.  Itami with a knee to the midsection and a side head lock.  Itami with a shoulder tackle and Itami with a sunset flip but Tozawa rolls through and misses a kick.  Itami misses a kick as well.  Daivari has more advice for Itami but he turns around into a drop kick from Tozawa for a near fall.  Tozawa with a reverse chin lock and a kick to the back followed by a slam and back senton for a near fall.  Tozawa with a boot to the back.

Itami with a forearm and Tozawa with chops and he gets Itami to flinch so Tozawa with a punch and he gets a near fall.  Tozawa goes up top but Itami gets up and Tozawa leaps over Itami.  Tozawa with kicks and a slam.  Tozawa goes up top again and lands on Itami's knees.  Tozawa rolls to the floor and Daivari gets a shot in while Kendrick and Itami take the referee's focus.  Itami kicks Tozawa and they return to the ring.  Itami with kicks to the chest and then he gets a high five from Daivari.  

Itami chokes Tozawa in the corner.  Tozawa with punches and Itami with a forearm.  Tozawa with an Irish whip but Itami sends Tozawa to the apron and Itami with kicks and a knee drop to the back of the neck from the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Itami with more kicks followed by a snap mare and kick to the back.  Itami gets a near fall.  Itami with a reverse chin lock.  Itami gets a near fall and then hits a series of neck breakers for a near fall.  

Tozawa with punches and Itami with a knee to stop Tozawa.  Itami with a knee to the midsection and he gets a near fall.  Itami with a reverse chin lock.  Tozawa with elbows and Itami with a kick but Tozawa with an octopus.  Itami escapes and hits a side slam for a near fall.  Itami with kicks to Tozawa but Tozawa with a rana.  Tozawa with a Shining Wizard.  Tozawa goes up top and Daivari distracts Tozawa but Tozawa is able to hit a missile drop kick and he follows with a suicide dive head butt.  Tozawa with a near fall.  Daivari grabs Itami's hands and Kendrick stops Daivari.

Itami with a boot to Tozawa and Itami with a tornado hot shot and a clothesline from the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Itami blocks the Saito suplex and connects with a knee.  Tozawa with a kick and rana that sends Itami into the turnbuckles.  Tozawa with a Shining Wizard to the back of the head and then Tozawa goes up top for a back senton splash.  Daivari distracts the referee and Itami crotches Tozawa.  Tozawa gets Itami on his shouldes but Itami with a thumb to the eye.  Itami with a clothesline for a near fall.  Itami with a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.  Itami sets for the Sakura knee but Tozawa escapes and hits a kick to the temple.  

Daivari attacks Kendrick on the floor and Itami with a knee to the back.  Itami misses a drop kick when Tozawa moves and he hits Daivari.  Tozawa with a German suplex and he goes up top for the back senton splash and hits it for the three count.

Winner:  Akira Tozawa

Daivari helps Itami up and then hits a short arm clothesline on Itami.

We go to credits.


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