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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-31 10:00:00

With the Young Bucks gone, what does this mean for Ring of Honor's working relationship with PWG?

Jeff Cobb, Bandido and others are all scheduled for the 2/5 PWG event in Los Angeles, so it would appear the working relationship is still in full effect.  There's been no signs of it changing.  

With the United States government opening, does this mean things will be OK for New Japan stars working the G1 Supercard?

One would think so.  I have never gotten the impression that show was in any sort of danger.  Remember, Ring of Honor was able to get their visa for Rush worked out during that same process, so in a worse case scenario, New Japan could lean on ROH for assistance.  I am sure everyone you expect to work MSG will be there.

Any chance we see Abyss and or Sonjay in the Rumble on Sunday?   Even if as a one off surprise before they put on their producer hats backstage?   If you had to guess would you think an entry and appearance in a Royal Rumble being something on either men’s career bucket lists?  With the entirety of their careers being seen (at least on a National level) working outside of the WWE bubble, it made me wonder. 

Obviously, they were not there, but they also were not backstage.  It's possible they could make a cameo on TV down the line.

What's going to happen if Jeff Jarrett has to work as a producer for a match with someone like Matt Hardy that he's had heat with in the past due to the TNA issues?

While there may be personal issues, one of three things will happen.  One, they will ignore everything and be professional.  Two, they will ask not to work together.  Three, they will fight it out.  My guess is everyone will be professional when they need to interact and ignore each other otherwise, until things get settled on a personal basis.  They are there to work and make money and you don't have to be friends with everyone you work with.

Is Elias a heel again?  I don't get it.

Yes, it appears to that is the case.  I don't get it.  I think they missed a nice window of opportunity where he could have been a really good, edgy babyface.

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