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By Dave Scherer on 2019-01-29 10:00:00

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Tommaso Ciampa has been arguably (maybe not so arguably) one of the best performers in ring and from a character perspective in the business for quite some time now.  Considering his look and size, do you (gut feeling) see him achieving that level of success in a Vince McMahon booked WWE when he eventually is called up to the main roster?

Can he?  Absolutely, he has the talent to continue the character if he is allowed to do so.  The question is would they allow it and honestly, I can’t answer that.  I would hope so.  But I have seen other NXT talents called up and changed, for the worse, so I am leery.

Similar questions regarding Aleistar Black.  I see him as a guy who can achieve an Undertaker level of aura and dominance booked properly.  Maybe even as a believable threat to Brock Lesnar if WWE would go that route.  What say you?

I think Black has all the tools to be a star in WWE.  Much like the question above, it depends on the chance that they give him.  But if they put him in the position to succeed, I think he can do it, in a big way.

So with Ronda Rousey rumored to be done after Wrestlemania, Becky Lynch HAS to beat her for the belt, right? 

Whether she is done or not, Becky seems like the one that should end her winning streak.  If Ronda really does take time off after Mania, then to me it’s a slam dunk to have her be the one to win the Title.  I am typing this on Sunday but I don’t see Sasha as being the one to end the streak.  I think it has to be someone with a lot of oomph behind her, and that’s Becky.

The Takeover: Phoenix pre-show was painful to watch at times, particularly due to Kairi Sane's rather awful promos and Sam Roberts' complete burial of Bianca Belair.   Were those two instances as awkward for you to watch as they were for me?  Does Kairi need much more work on her English and promos?  And why would Roberts, who is not a heel announcer as far as I can tell, completely bury the title challenger by saying she's not as good as everyone else and she does not deserve a spot on the card, even though she is undefeated and has been portrayed quite strongly leading up to the show?

In the case of Kairi, she is still learning the language.  I can give her a pass.  In the case of Roberts, I can’t.  He was terrible on that show (and I usually like him).  He came across like a hardcore, reactionary internet fan to me instead of a knowledgable commentator.  He seemed like fans that hated Roman Reigns because he never worked independents to me. His comments about Belair, in addition to being off base, cut down her credibility before her Title match.  There is no excuse for that on a company produced show.  On a podcast?  Sure, have at it, but this was a WWE produced show AND he was totally off base.  Belair has been booked as legitimate and deserving.  Honestly, it made me wonder if Same has watch NXT TV recently.  So yes, it annoyed me.  

I saw the question asserting you guys get paid to post John Cena videos.  How can people be that stupid?

I really don’t have an answer for that but at least I can tell you that after he saw his question in print, he realized how it sounded and apologized.  At least was only just a judgment error.

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