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By Dave Scherer on 2019-01-28 10:00:00

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It was very common during the Divas Era that there would be some episodes of RAW and SmackDown as well as an occasional PPV which would not have a women's match on the show but how would the WWE Universe react today if RAW, SmackDown or a PPV did not have a women's match on the show?

The women are an integral part of the show.  Usually, I enjoy their stuff more than the men’s work.  Becky Lynch is the most over talent right now in the company IMO.  Given the fact that the women are as big a part of the show as men, I don’t see any way that they wouldn’t be on the shows, other than a major issue that kept them from getting to the building.  

Evening, of late you've said several times that if the WWE product is to change, fans have to keep their money in their pocket. While I completely agree, the massive money TV deals mostly mitigates any potential loss and turn, any impetus to change.

Not necessarily.  USA (and later Fox) won’t like seeing empty buildings if that were to happen.  And if people were not paying to come see the shows live, there is a correlation that less would people would be watching as well.  That would make the TV partners call for change

Also, living in the UK, we might get two Raws, two Smackdowns and a short tour each year so UK fans are likely to go because you won't see your favourite wrestler again for 6 or 12 months. Is it realistic for a critical mass of fans to give it a miss?

That is a personal decision for them to make, not for me.  To me, if someone says that they hate the product but then pays significant money to go see it, they have issues.  I get that they want to go see their favorites and all, but what sane person pays a lot money to go see something that they are pretty sure that they will hate?  If you hate a lot of what they are doing, but not enough to stop going, then you aren’t at the point where the people that have stopped watching Raw are.  If you are, then you already know that you aren’t going to spend the money on the product.

Was just wondering your thoughts on the idea of the hole "Best in the World Tournament" parlaying into Shane and The Miz Tag Team story line going into a 2 Tag Titles (1 Men's One Woman's) being on both brands?

I don’t know how they do it but to me, if they only have one set of women’s Tag Titles then they should only have one set of men’s.  It’s only fair.  As I type this on Saturday, what happens with Miz and Shane and where it goes heading forward is pretty interesting to me.

With all these new promotions trying to look “big league” why don’t they produce good looking shows in smaller venues? Like the old NWA 6:05 show on TBS? MLW comes across as cheap because of its shows. They have a good product.

In a word, money.  Would you rather have 500 in a small building or 1500 in a bigger one, that is less aesthetic.  We saw ECW and Impact spend a lot of money on TV production and it hurt the bottom line.  Now, if MLW were to get a deal that paid them a lot of money, I think they would make the upgrade immediately.  But for now, they are being smart with the money.  I respect that.

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