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By Dave Scherer on 2019-01-27 10:00:00

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Abyss have just signed with WWE in a backstage role. But how would you feel if he got into the Royal Rumble Match, competing for the WWE one night only?

I would like it.  It would be a nice reward for a good guy, who has given a lot of himself to the business.  I think that would be a cool surprise.

Here we are the day before the Rumble.  I had the same thought as one of the predictions: Ronda interferes and costs Becky the match against Asuka, Becky gets in the Rumble (although I thought she takes out during her entrance), and wins.  So, Becky goes to Mania to face Ronda in the main event, final match of the card. Becky wins clean.  Ronda goes for the hug to show respect but then turns and beats on Becky.  The rest of the MMA Horsewomen, sitting ringside ‘jump the rail’ and join in, which leads to Charlotte, Sasha and Bailey hitting the ring for the save.  Mania goes off the air with the WWE Horsewomen on the outside applauding Becky standing in the ring.  The next night on Raw, Ronda is supposed to explain her actions but she does just as she did in MMA, and refuses to speak playing the role of the sore loser, so she can take the break that is being rumoured.  Thoughts??

I like everything about it except the end.  If you are going to do that angle, you need to follow up on it asap as it will be super hot.  To do it and then let it sit for a year would be a waste and you would have no idea that it would be as hot when it resumed.  

Not sure if this is a question for the Q&A section, but there are always a ton of videos posted about either The New Day or The Bellas on the site. I've kept track and not a day goes by without at least one video on them. And today on 1/24, there were 10 videos on The Bellas alone, and they weren't even consolidated to one post. They were spread out over three posts. I understand that sometimes they are promoting something, but it almost feels like there is either an obsession with these two acts or that site gets paid to promote their content. Obviously no disrespect or accusations to you guys, but just wondering if there is a reason. 

Why would we feel disrespect when you accuse us of being paid to promote talents?  That isn’t f’ing insulting at all.  For the record, Paul Jordan does a fantastic job of culling WWE information.  The people you mention put out a lot of videos and he includes them in his posts.  If that offends you well damn son, you really have a skewed up view of the world.  He is doing a great job and you cast aspersions.  That is f’d up.  Also, if you “keep track” of what he posts you really need to get a better hobby.  

Will NJPW have issues getting talent here for msg show if government shutdown continues till then?

Well considering they already had issues, it’s a possibility.  Luckily they have time to see what happens.  I would hope they get to work on getting the paperwork done asap now the government is open again.

Do you think it's entirely possible to see The Rock winning the men's Royal Rumble resulting in him facing Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal title at WrestleMania 35?

Just the opposite, I think it’s pretty much impossible.

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