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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-25 10:00:00

With talk of airport shutdowns this weekend, should we be worried about the Royal Rumble?

If you are traveling to the Rumble, I'd be a little concerned.  Most of the WWE roster is already in Phoenix, although it's possible that any surprises they were planning on could be flying in later this weekend.  If someone is of great importance to WWE, my gut says they are already in Phoenix.

How do you see Jack Swagger doing in BELLATOR this weekend?

That is an interesting question.  My gut is that he will have a decent showing.  He's a tough guy and I would expect he will do well, although once you are in the cage, there's no way to know how you are going to react to getting punched in the face until you are.  I wish him well.

After his social media posts, is Velveteen Dream AEW bound?

Well, you can never 100% predict what will happen in the future, but the social media postings are just storyline to get Dream attention.  He does a great job at that and did so in this instance.

To your knowledge has anyone ever suggested that Impact or ROH sign the former Tough Enough finalist Taylor Matheny?

No. She's moved on from the business and at 39 years old, I can't imagine that now she wants to dive back in. I don't see her doing anything beyond perhaps a convention signing down the line.  

Any word on the Bellas in The Rumble?

I haven't heard anything about them working the Rumble match but the word around Evolution was that they would be teaming at Wrestlemania together.  Whether those plans have changed, I have not heard.

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