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By Dave Scherer on 2019-01-23 10:00:00

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So, one of 2 things happened in the WWE. One, the shows over the last month or so were written by writers who thought they were writing good shows and they missed the boat entirely, so much so that the McMahons  decided they needed to change things up and (storyline) take over both shows. OR, the shows were intentionally written to be bad and the plan for the McMahons to take over was part of the plan all along. If the second scenario is the case, shouldn't fans be upset that the WWE would intentionally put out a bad product simply for storyline sake?

It was definitely not number two.  WWE would never do something like that.  They don’t need to manufacture a crisis to return to TV.  They can come back any time that they like.

My question is do you have any idea how Becky Lynch's 'The Man' t-shirt is selling? I've noticed it selling out often on the WWE Shop and WWE Euroshop websites. I haven't seen a shirt sell like this for a female WWE star in possibly years.

Last I heard it was doing very well.  I am happy for her.

Is Impact Wrestling on its last legs?

Well, I can’t say that because I don’t know how long Anthem is willing to hang in there with them but losing the revenue that Pop TV brought in has to hurt them.  If they were to lose their deal in India?  That could be catastrophic for them.  I hope it doesn’t happen.

Will Brock Lesnar be the WWE champion at WrestleMania?

My gut feeling as I type this on Sunday is that he will beat Finn Balor at the Rumble.  As I have written before, they haven’t used Brock to elevate any young talents thus far.  In fact they have largely been fed to him.  I hope at some point that changes but with Mania coming, and them needing all of the big names that they can get, I don’t see that happening now.  I would love to see Balor win, since it would change up the product and also get the Champion back on Raw every week, but I just see them keeping the Title on Brock going into their biggest show of the year.  The fact that Brock hasn’t been back in the UFC pool yet leads me to believe he will be getting a big Mania payday so I think that means he goes in as champion.

How would grade Ronda Rousey almost a year into her WWE run?

I would give her an A+.  She has been far better than I could have ever thought she would be in the ring.  Like Kurt Angle before her, she is a savant and has fully embraced being a WWE star.  She gives it everything she has and take bumps.  She isn’t big timing anyone.  I also think she is very good on the mic.  A+!

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