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By Dave Scherer on 2019-01-22 10:00:00

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I agree that AEW will not be a threat to WWE, but it did get me thinking. Knowing AEWs core fan base, could you see a scenario where WWE is ESPN? It was cool and hip in its day, but core fan base is aging and it doesn't strike a cord with millennials?  I'm playing dumb, because I have no idea what would appeal to a young person today, both in the product, presentation or the method of delivery. 

I guess it’s possible, maybe as part of their subscription service.  The problem I see is that it’s a start up.  It’s great that it has the Khan money behind it, but ESPN has been in cost cutting mode for a while now.  I don’t see them spending big on a product that has no audience already behind it.

How does WWE keep the noise down during a bell toll for tributes to stars who passed away? Given all the other nonsense that has happens in the past I can't believe that its done by the audience pure respect. Do they turn off all mics but one or threaten the attendees?

Nope, it’s pretty much done by people being respectful.  Luckily, fans know how to act in that situation.

How come WWE doesn’t promote that Strowman has a cameo in Holmes and Watson and Cena is main star in Bumblebee? 

There is nothing in it for them.  They sell advertising and if a movie doesn’t want to pay them for it, they don’t see the need to promote the film.  I don’t blame then in that regard.  Money talks, everything else walks.

With all the talk of WWE's new TV deals and the money they get for them, WWE still must know that they have to grow their own streaming network. That being said, do you know if any thought or talk been put in to shortening the turn around time from Raw and Smackdown being broadcast live to being available for streaming on the WWE Network the next day or within 48 hours of the original live broadcast? 

The answer is in the math.  WWE will be getting over 300 percent more for their rights fees in October.  That means, the networks want people to watch the shows when they air them.  It does USA and FOX no good to allow WWE to air the shows on their Network so quickly after they air.  It makes it easier for fans to skip watching them when they premiere.  That isn’t what the Networks want.  And where the Network is concerned, sure they want to grow it and all but when the vast majority of your revenue comes from TV rights fees, keeping viewers watching Raw and Smackdown will be the company’s main priority, as it should be.

Two or three things here.  First of, I’m not sure I like the idea of no GM.  Who sets the matches now ? I hope it doesn’t mean that the McMahon children will be more on TV.  Second, what is this storyline between Shane and the Miz ?? Miz should be chasing a belt, not team with a tag team belt in the near future for Shane ? Really ? And third of, there’s a lot a of talk about NXT stars not getting push on the main roster.  Is the problem the fact that they are added and not replacing stars that retires, leave or are fired ? Isn’t there too many wrestlers on the rosters ? Probably not, because Shane and Stephanie will end up wrestling as wrestlemania instead of those stars.....  anyway thanks !!

Where the GM is concerned, they could have the wrestlers set up the matches and the out of sight authority figure sanctioning them, at least most of the time.  That has worked in the past.  As for Shane and Miz?  We shall see, for sure.  With Mania coming up, they will most probably be setting up Shane’s role soon, with with Miz or against him.  We have seen in the past that Mania is “all hands on deck” time for WWE.

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