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By Dave Scherer on 2019-01-21 10:00:00

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I haven't heard this name in years, but she just popped up accidentally on a wrestling search.   Ivelisse Velez!  She had a great look, and I thought she was good in the ring.  Why did she never catch on anywhere like WWE?

She was released back in 2012.  I remember that she went on a podcast and stated that she believed it was because she reported Bill DeMott to management for how he handled the talents in NXT. DeMott left WWE after other complaints of his training tactics surfaced.  I always thought she had talent.  Now that DeMott is gone, I would love to see her get another shot.

How much of an effect did Baron Corbin have on the ‘new WWE direction’? He was the forefront of a lot of shows and viewers seem to switch off, very X-Pac heat esq. Let’s also not forget he was ‘fired’ during the same segment the company were telling the audience ‘look we will try better’.

Whenever someone is featured as a character on a show and ratings decline, it makes sense to assign some blame to their character.  With that said, Corbin was only reading the bad lines that WWE Creative wrote for him. He performed as well as could be expected.  So in my opinion, the blame falls on the bad scripts that the creative team wrote, not the person that was forced to read them.  To blame Corbin, the character, wouldn’t be fair.  It was the bad, repetitive stories that turned people off.

Finn Balor, as he has been presented over the past year or so, does not pose a credible threat to beat Brock Lesnar.  Do you think it's a must that they bring out his Demon character in order for him to pose more of a threat to Lesnar?  Even if Finn loses, which we all expect to be the case, the presence of the Demon does add a layer of intrigue to the match in the sense that Finn has never lost as the Demon.  From a storyline perspective it can easily be explained as Finn wanting that extra edge, given that he's challenging Lesnar for the universal championship on the second biggest show of the year.  It almost begs the question, why wouldn't he bring out the Demon for a match of this magnitude?

That is a question Mike Epsenhart and I covered in-depth on Saturday’s show in the Elite section.  Obviously, if Finn wants to win, he should be the Demon.  It is just common sense.  And given that he is getting the shot kind of out of nowhere, it makes even more sense to bring out the Demon.  But, if the plan is for him to lose, they shouldn’t bring it out because once he loses in that gimmick, it’s done for good.  It will never be the same again.

I saw a recent question posed by Dave, I believe, where he asked the question of whom, given the recent decision to shelve Brock v Braun and insert Balor into the title equation, could be slotted into the title picture with Brock after the Rumble. My question is, despite the poorly received match Brock had with Dean Ambrose, do you believe, given Dean's new attitude and make-over, Ambrose could be made into that next guy, or did that match kill that for good?

Honestly?  No.  Dean’s heel turn started with a lot of promise but it has fizzled badly in my opinion.  He could have been a tough, bad ass heel but has instead become very generic.  WWE has not given any young talent a real rub from Brock.  I don’t see it being Dean when, or even if, they finally choose to do so.  I think they need to work on getting Dean’s character’s fire back.

Saw the Nigel McGuinness Doc which seemed to answer a lot of questions i never seemed to get a straight answer for. I never realized his Hep B had cleared however and I thought when WWE didn't sign him to wrestle it was also to do with his history of concussions. If he did get that healthy, what do you think could convince WWE and McGuiness himself to get into a WWE ring?

First off, he will be 43 years old on Wednesday (Happy Birthday Nigel).  That is an age when most talents are winding down.  Beyond that, there is no cure for Hepatitis B so WWE can’t take the chance of having someone who has the disease wrestle.  If it got accidentally transmitted to someone else they would be on the hook for liability.

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