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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-19 10:00:00

Who do you think the first AEW Champion will be?

They haven't even hired a complete roster yet and you want me to pick the first champion?  OK, I'll try.  I would go with Adam Page, who I think has all the potential in the world and who has consistently improved all aspects of his game since he debuted.  To me, he's the guy to build and invest in.

I saw that you wrote that 205 Live would be better off taped, but doesn't it make more sense to put them on live TV so they are prepared for PPVs, Raw, etc.

I see your point, but when I wrote that, it was specifically because the crowd reactions for what were two really entertaining matches this week were so flat because it was being broadcast after Smackdown went off the air, when the live crowd had seen all the 'big stars.'  I think if you go and compare the crowd reactions to when they taped before Smackdown.  Understand, the quality of the show will be the same no matter what (and I think the show is great) but as a viewer, it's certainly going to be more exciting if the crowd isn't sitting there nonplussed.

Where is King Kong Bundy these days?

Bundy is retired and living in New Jersey.  He still makes appearances at conventions locally.

Why would Vince McMahon want Hulk Hogan on Raw?

He was there to pay tribute to Gene Okerlund and when he dropped character, I thought he did a heck of a job paying tribute to someone who was important to pro wrestling and to himself.  I didn't have any issue with Hogan tributing Okerlund, although I totally understand why others felt differently.  To me, it was about Okerlund and WWE has done a really wonderful job of paying tribute to him.

I attended Ring of Honor at the former ECW Arena for the first time and I can't figure out where the old stage and entrance was when ECW ran there.  Any ideas?

Yes.  The side of the venue where the ROH ring entrance was is where the old stages and bathrooms used to be.  They were ripped out and torn down when the building was stripped down to the nuts and bolts during a renovation (and in the case of the bathrooms, that was a mercy killing, I assure you).  ECW's old ring entrance would have been all the way to the right of that wall, near where the concession stand is now.


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