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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-19 08:34:00 has 100% confirmed that PPV will take place in Toronto at the Rebel Entertainment Complex. has also confirmed the PPV will not be the steel cage-centric Lockdown PPV.

The big angle on last night's Impact Wrestling was Tessa Blanchard attacking Gail Kim, which one would think leads to a match at the next PPV in April.

The winner of Scarlett Bordeaux's talent search was Scarlett Bordeaux.  

Next week's Impact will emanate from Mexico City.  The only thing teased on last night's show was a Tessa vs. Taya Valkyrie showdown as well as this video:

Paul Jordan sent the following....Since its the only real analytics we can find on Impact right now, I checked Social Blade again for some Twitch stats. Compared to last Friday, January 11 (the day of the first Impact simulcast on Twitch and Pursuit) last night they did about 15,000 viewers on their channel down 5000 from seven days before. However, viewership has remained steady at 3 to 4000 viewers a day. Their follower count has grown about 3000 over the period putting them now at 69,050. Again, as I stated last week this does not account for their subscribers. Those are people that are paying $4.99 a month or using Amazon Prime subscriptions to get special perks. 

The Twitch broadcast last night featured Josh Mathews interacting with Twitch viewers from his home while Don Callis, Sami Callihan and Jordynne Grace all popped up in the Twitch chatroom.

Jordynne Grace is working the 2/9 House of Glory event in Queens, NY


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