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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-18 10:00:00

Has there been any word whether Ring of Honor will be on the new Sinclair streaming service?

We have asked and have been told there are no plans at this time, but that obviously could always change.

Is the new WOW show live?

No, it was taped last month in Los Angeles.

With her appearance on Big Brother coming, I was wondering why Eva Marie left WWE?

She was suspended in the summer of 2016 for a WWE Wellness Policy violation, something her husband openly was upset about.  She later disclosed it was due to not getting WWE proper paperwork on a medication she was taking.  The situation obviously created an issue between the two sides at the time as she never appeared for the company again and has concentrated on her own personal business and acting since her official departure when her contract expired.  She's been complimentary of WWE since, so the door is always open.  I always thought the entire thing was a shame as it felt like just when they had found the right character and role for her on Smackdown, she was gone.  

If Chris Benoit has been erased from WWE history, why is he in the WWE Encyclopedia?

WWE left the direction of that book to the publisher and authors.  The feeling was that it was impossible to have a listing of every talent in company history without having an entry for Benoit - which focuses on his career in the ring and nothing more.  It's about his character.  So, he's there the same way he's included in the WWE Network, because you can't tell the complete story of WWE if you excise him.  I don't have an issue with that, since WWE doesn't exploit or promote his inclusion.

What's your favorite Royal Rumble?

I've been able to attend several of them live, but the one I always go back to as the definitive favorite one was 1992 when Ric Flair basically spent the entire match being beaten up and selling for every major star in the company at the time but still came out victorious at the end.  As a 16 year old Flair fan at the time, it was pretty fulfilling to watch.  I still love the scene where Flair has the ring empty for a moment and is waiting for the next person to come out and when it's a maniacal Roddy Piper running to the ring, Flair's response and body language is just amazing.  Great stuff and a great performance.

WWE later did a Rumble as a Madison Square Garden main event in January 1994, which Owen Hart won, and I remember really enjoying that match as well.  Hopefully it's in their archives and pops up one day.

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