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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-17 10:00:00

Has there been any word on Big Cass since he collapsed at the House of Hardcore show?

He hasn’t wrestled that I am aware of.  I was told that he was addressing some health issues.

Whatever happened to Beulah McGuillicuty?  I am watching some ECW on the WWE Network and I am surprised she’s not still around.

Well, some of that material is 23 years old.   People get older and move onto the next stage of their life and that’s what she did.  McGuillicuty is married to Tommy Dreamer.  They have two daughters.  She made the decision in 1998 to get out of the pro wrestling world and has only made a few appearances since but is for the most part completely done with that world.

WWE displays a lot of stuff at AXXESS, but where do they keep it?

WWE has a warehouse of artifacts housed in CT, all cataloged for them they are needed. They actually have a company archivist for that reason. Some of the materials at AXXESS are actually borrowed from former talents who loan it to WWE for the displays and get the materials back after the AXXESS events.

Any chance of Andy Kaufman ever going into the WWE Hall of Fame?

As a huge Kaufman fan, I’m all for that idea.  I think it’s more likely that WWE one day adds him to the Legacy wing.

With all the talk of AEW, how deep in trouble is WWE?

WWE has two-billion-dollar TV deals and over 100 talents stockpiled in the WWE Performance Centers.   They are not in trouble.

What’s your guess as to when we find out what the Impact rating was for the Pursuit debut?

My guess is we won’t know anytime soon.

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