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By Kendall Jenkins on 2019-01-16 08:06:00

People say that to be in love is the best feeling ever and for one to get married to the love of their life, is the greatest gift of life to them. If this is so, why does it happen that two people, so madly in love fail, to make their married life work and decide to part their ways? Marriage is a sacred bond which is blessed by  God, but when things go wrong, even the sacredness and the blessings fail to make a marriage work and couples end up getting divorced.

Growing Divorce Rate:
The divorce rates in the world are subject to a constant increase. Since the year 1960, the world divorce rate has increased by 251.8%. The United Kingdom is one of the countries with the highest divorce rates in today’s world. With every passing day, marriages are becoming less common and the number of divorces are at rise. This statistic is not only in true in the United Kingdom, but all around the world.

Divorce Conditions and Cases in the UK:
In the United Kingdom, there are three conditions under which a man or woman can seek for divorce. The first one is adultery, the second is unreasonable behavior, and the last one is separation. The first two conditions are the blaming conditions.  Based on these conditions, a divorce can be processed at a faster pace. It is processed even quicker if any one of the partners in the marriage accepts the blame. Separation, on the other hand, is a non-fault condition where the couples have to provide proof that they were not living together for a specified amount of time. Under this condition, the pace of the proceedings is usually slower. That is why many couples opt for any of the first two to get it over with quickly. 60% of the total divorced couples in England opt for fault-divorce.

Divorce Statistics of UK:
According to the Office for National Statistics and Online Divorce, the divorce rate in the UK began to increase significantly from the year 1960 and reached the highest divorce rate in the year 1993. During this time, 299,197 marriages were held and out of these 165,018 ended in divorce. This number is almost half of the total number of marriages. The divorce rate in the UK began to grow rapidly after the introduction and implementation of the Divorce  Reform Act of 1969 in the year 1971. Due to this act, getting divorce became easier which made it an easy choice for all the troubled couples. The UK witnessed the lowest number of divorces during the year 1973 and since then, the number has been increasing. After 1993, surprisingly, the number of divorces in the UK has begun to fall.

The year 2017 recorded the lowest divorce rates since 1973, which is a great thing. There were 101,669 divorces which were 4.9% less than the year 2016 where 106.959 divorces in total were recorded. In 2017, the divorce rate was 8.4 per 1000 couples. The average duration for which marriage would last in the UK increased to 12.2 years which was close to the stats for the year 1972. The ONS has reported that 48% of the couples getting divorced have kids of age 16 or below. Another fact that cannot be overlooked is that with the number of divorces decreasing, there is a decrease in the number of marriages in the UK.

Present Year (2018) UK Divorce Statistics:
As compared to the early decades, the percentage of divorce rate is far lower in the current era. The percentage of breaking marriages in the starting five to ten years was 11.2 percent in the 1990s but dropped to 6.4% in 2013. Talking about 2018, the divorce rate in the UK in this present year is yet to be recorded by ONS. The divorce statistics of UK in 2018 can be estimated by analyzing the trends of the last five to ten years.  This is because no facts and figures have been reported by the Office for National Statistics. Based on these stats, it can be said that, a decrease is expected in the divorce and marriage rate in the UK for the year 2018.

According to the estimated statistics, the number of marriages ending in divorce has significantly reduced in this year. The concept of cohabitation has gained much popularity as compared to earlier years, where this was not considered an ethical way of life. Today, more people are living together without marriage and that is why the divorce rate is reducing significantly. The people in the present time are way more open-minded than they were before and hence the reason why they avoid taking impulsive and thoughtless decisions, resulting in lower teen and early-twenty marriages. With current divorce rate, greater amount of divorces were granted to men. This was not the case in the early years where a large number of women were granted divorces.

Reasons for Expecting Lower Marriage Rate and Divorce Rate in 2018:

1. Cohabitation Before Marriage:
One of the most significant reasons as to why marriage divorce statistics are falling is that more couples tend to cohabitate before marriage. Without tying the knot, the couples live together and only take the relationship further to the marriage level after they are sure about each other.  Many couples break up before getting married and this is a major reason why the UK is subject to a lower number of marriages today.

2. Getting Married at an Older Age:
According to the Office for National Statistics, the couples getting married in their teens and early 20s are more likely to get divorced. People today are getting married at the age of 40-45, when they have gained more experience with their relationships and are smart enough to make sensible decisions. This is resulting in successful marriages. Both men and women at this age are mature enough to resolve small issues.  

3. Sharing Responsibilities:
Financial issues have always triggered downfall in marriages. All the burden is on the men of the family while the females take care of the house chores. However,  this year, most of the wives are ambitious women who are working to support their husbands and families. The number of working wives has skyrocketed and even the husbands provide a helping hand to their wives in home chores. This sharing of responsibility has reduced the number of females filing for divorce.

4. Birth Control Technology:
A large number of marriages have broken in the past due to pregnancy. When men are not ready to support a kid, hearing the news about their wives pregnancy fills them up with stress and problems begin to rise among them. The birth control technologies have helped couples enjoy their married lives without any worries. The couples can then take these important decisions with mutual understanding as and when they are ready to take responsibilities.

Reasons for High Divorce Rate:

There are numerous reasons why so many marriages end up in divorce. The most common reasons for high divorce rate include:

1. Independence:
Independence in marriage is a major reason behind unions being crippled. Couples, instead of asking each other for help, stay independent and try to solve the problems on their own. This is something that harms a marriage the most. Being dependent on each other is something that couples must do because problems cannot be solved without negotiation and meaningful conversations.

2. No Fair Fights:
Fights are normal in any healthy relationship and many couples fail to understand this which dangerous for any relationship. Couples make fights, an issue of their ego, making matters worse. Couples need to understand that marriage is a bond between two and when things go bad, they go against their bond and not against themselves as individuals.

3. Not Practicing Mutual Submission:
Being a control freak in a marriage won’t do any good to the relationship. The sooner couples understand that, the better. Being bossy all the time and trying to control your spouse will suffocate your loved one and eventually they will wish to walk out. Mutual submission must be practiced in a marriage in order to ensure its success.

4. Looking Outside the Marriage:
It is commonly observed in married couples that the needs and desires of one are not satisfied, be that financial, spiritual or intimate. In times like these, it is important to sit and talk with your spouse but instead of doing that, couples look for ways to satisfy themselves outside the marriage. This is one of the biggest mistakes couples can make in their marriage.

5. Marriages Considered Unimportant:
Marriage is an important bond and one of the most sensitive ones. Marriage used to be the most important relationship for the people in the earlier decades and they would do everything possible to save their marriages. But today, marriages are considered disposable. When marriages become hard, couples look for a quick solution and if that does not work, they find it better to give up on their marriage and toss this relationship just like a pair of shoes.

6. Childish Marital Expectations:
Life is not a fairytale and it is better to realize that before it’s too late. People who grow up watching the perfect fairytales build certain unrealistic expectations. People think of marriage as a fairytale where all the problems will be solved without trying hard. In reality, a great deal of effort is required to make a marriage work and having childish expectations from a marriage will only ruin it.

7. Financial Problems:
One of the most prominent reasons as to why most marriages end up in divorce and misery are financial problems. When two people get married, they promise to be by their spouse’s side at all bad times. However,  when things go wrong, running away is the only solution they see. Money is important but a marriage is way more important than money can ever be.

8. Interference of Parents:
Interference from any external source can be very disastrous for a marriage. We do not understand that excessive interference of parents or of any other person in the personal matters of couples can lead to a broken marriage. It is best to solve the marital problems by mutual understanding and conversation between the couple itself.

To Conclude:

The above discussed are the major reasons, why a huge number of couples get divorced. These issues can be resolved if a couple wishes to make their marriage work. However, there are some exceptional cases in which getting divorced is completely justified as in the cases of domestic violence and extra-marital affairs. The rest can be negotiated upon as marriage is a blessed bond and the relationship of high value. Couples must put all their efforts into making marriage successful.

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