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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-14 14:41:00

Tracy Williams and the former Justin Gabriel, PJ Black, have signed with Ring of Honor.  We are hearing there is another signing in the works that may be announced soon.

Joey Mercury returned to work for Ring of Honor over the weekend, the first time he has been back as a Producer since "All In" weekend, where he had been arrested on what later turned out to be false charges.

Bully Ray did not wrestle over the weekend but was working behind the scenes.

NWA President Billy Corgan was backstage at the Ring of Honor TV taping in Atlanta, GA.

The morale backstage was said to have been really good with the exception of the injuries to Chris Sabin and Flip Gordon.  There is no official update on either of them as of this writing.

The next dates for the promotion are Thursday 1/24 in Dallas, Texas, Friday 1/25 in Houston, Texas and Saturday 1/26 in San Antonio, Texas, all of which are being billed as the Road to G1 Supercard and will feature a "Tag Wars" theme.


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