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By Dave Scherer on 2019-01-16 10:00:00

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With the upcoming introduction of Women's Tag Team titles, I need to ask: will we be getting separate titles per brand? Will the mens titles be unified? Or will the women be getting special treatment and be allowed on multiple brands? 

After what they announced on Raw, there will be one set of champs.  No announcement has been made about the Men's Titles but if they want to keep things gender even, they should be consolidated.

Had he signed with WWE, could Kota Ibushi have won the Cruiserweight Classic?

Absolutely.  He was awesome in the tournament and would have been a very deserving winner had they gone that way.  But, it didn’t make sense to put over someone that wasn’t going to sign with them.

So I watched some of the 1/7 Raw to see if anything much had changed since the McMahon's announced they would.  Is it just me or was that segment with Lesnar and Strowman just painfully awkward.  I mean you had Strowman trying to goat Lesnar to the ring with very uncompelling insults and Lesnar muttering to himself "is that it?".

That segment was brutal, it really was.  And it pointed out why WWE should not overscript things.  They should allow the talents to realize when a segment is bombing and allow them to adlib.  I am hard pressed to think that anything that Strowman or Lesnar came up with on the fly would have been worse than that scripted segment was.  Until WWE stops doing stuff like that, they sure aren’t listening to the fans.

While Ron Simmons is commonly celebrated as a trailblazer for being the first African-American world champion, R-Truth/Ron Killings is often overlooked as a legend and trailblazer in the business, even though he was the first, and only, African-American to hold the NWA world championship.  Granted he held the championship when he was in TNA, but from what I remember it was the legitimate NWA championship.  Does Truth's career deserve more respect than is typically given to him, considering the current audience mainly sees him as a comedy character?  

I bet he has made a lot more money as a comedy character!  With that said, he is a really good wrestler and I think he deserves to be remembered for that.  But let’s be real, the NWA Title that he held in Impact was not THE NWA Title.  It was what was left of the NWA Title.  It’s luster had long since faded by then.  It was the NWA Title in name only in my view.

I’ve just recently watched stuff on Youtube such as Magnum versus Nikita, Tully versus Nikita, and the Von Erichs versus Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez.  Amazing stuff that was BELIEVABLE.  Can anything be done these days to make it look real like it was back in the NWA/UWF/WCCW days?  Watching a Young Bucks match with 37 superkicks isn’t believable at all.

Well to be fair, there is stuff that is very believable looking.  Most of what you see on an NXT Takeover show is very believable.  NXT actually has that believable feel to me.  ROH does as well.  New Japan too.  That stuff you mentioned was great and it was due to the booking.  The issues were realer so the fights felt realer.  Plus, the style was less flashy so it looked more like a fight.  We get that in NXT a lot but we also have to realize that things have changed since then and the audiences expect more action than they did back then.  Back to your point, to me the key is the booking.  If it is good, we tend to believe more as fans.  

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