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By Dave Scherer on 2019-01-14 10:00:00

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With the proliferation of wrestling podcasts, do you ever see WWE getting into that game? Perhaps as a WWE Network add-on at a higher tier? Or do you think they waited too long to make such a launch a viable thing? 

Here’s the thing, from their perspective there is no need.  They have TV.  They have the Network.  They have over ten million followers on Twitter.  They don’t need to do a podcast.  They can do video, and monetize it far more than a podcast would make them.  And remember, they had Steve Austin and Chris Jericho do podcasts on the Network.  They didn’t see a need in continuing it.  At the end of the day, they have better ways to get into your living room than podcasting.

A McMahon being inserted in to a title match. A female wrestler being strutted out in a towel to use her sexuality to further a storyline. Wow! This truly is a new direction?  So how exactly do we as fans truly get to hold Vince to his word on this? Apparently tanked TV ratings aren't enough to truly affect this. 

I have to be honest…….if you really expected huge changes you set yourself up for this.  When I heard the announcement, I took it to mean that we would see more McMahons.  That is one of the things that USA has always gone back to when viewership drops.  Vince loves his process of doing TV, so I figured it would take a lot more loss of audience to really make them change their process.  We may get to that point some day and that will probably be the only time we can expect real change.

Will the Khan family be the only true way to get Vince and company to actually be forced to follow through with this so far empty promise?

Nope, not at all.  Vince has a good TV deal now and an even more awesome one starting in October.  It will last five years, so they have security.  WWE will have to answer to their corporate partners for now, but really will not have to do the same to the fans.

How much time do we give them for a fresh start? Basically it happened then we had pre-taped shows for a couple weeks due to holidays so I gave them a pass there. So far the product seems exactly the same, they just dropped Baron Corbin as the Authority. 

I agree.  I think we had to give them at least a few shows after the holidays.  So far, I am with you.  The announcement was all lip service.

Ok, here is a question you have probably been asked about a billion times, but I haven't seen it answered so I am asking again.  Have you folks at PWI heard how close AEW is to having an actual promotion?  I know they are running Double or Nothing, but as we have seen you don't need a company to run a show, and has anyone heard from Kenny?

They will run their first show in May.  I have heard they have plans for more events after that, but that will be the genesis of the promotion.  But, they do need to run a company because they will be doing a lot more than just a show.  They wanted to make it clear that they are a company and they will be spending the next few months getting it together.

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