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By Dave Scherer on 2019-01-13 10:00:00

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So I was thinking about NXT call-ups.  Obviously there's plenty of instances where they're poorly used by creative, but there's also the situation where casual fans who only tune into Raw or Smackdown don't know who they are.  I think this can exacerbate the issue due to an excellent talent maybe not getting the reaction WWE/Vince wants during their debut.  That leads me to my question.  Do you believe WWE could do a better job promoting NXT talent and keeping them in the mind's eye while they're still in NXT?  Maybe a this week on NXT during Raw and SmackDown would do the trick.  It would promote the talent and possibly help sell WWE Network subscriptions. This way casual fans have some exposure to the talents and hopefully a reason to get excited about their potential call-up.

I think that is a great idea.  You are a hundred percent correct.  Sure, many of the fans the day after Mania are well versed in NXT, but many of the “normal” fans are not.  So talents often debut to a less than huge reaction.  WWE should do a better job of telling the fans WHY they should think the debuting talents are legit.

Is impact wrestling available in Canada if yes what channel and time?

According to their website:

Fight Network: Friday at 10 PM
GameTV: Saturday at 7 PM

What does Road Warrior Animal currently do? It seems as if I keep reading stories here and there about him trying to get a job in wrestling.. Is there a reason why he's being blacked balled by the industry?  

I am not sure if he is working at a job, but WWE has a couple of reasons to not have interest in him.  One, he was part of the concussion lawsuit against the company.  He also made some insensitive statements on social media a while back.  Beyond WWE, I really don’t know that he fits in with what any of the other companies in the US do.  He is a man from another era.

Any chance you guys think viewership would go up if they gave us fresh matches every week. I mean how many people watch a tv show if it's a rerun from last week? Most turn the channel. WWE had a hot angle like the Ambrose attack on Seth but instead of holding them off they wrestle and face each other every week now. 

I really don’t think fresh matches is as big of an issue as is fresh stories.  Most hardcore fans watch for wrestling.  The casual fan tunes in more when the stories are interesting.  So, there is a rerun aspect but it’s more about the booking than the matches in my view.

Okay so like everyone else, I want Becky vs Ronda at WrestleMania, preferably in the Main Event. Firstly do you think the match could be an anti climax if it’s put into that position. With Mania been 7 hours long, as with with recent years the crowd could simply be burnt out by the end, so would an earlier time slot help the match become a bigger spectacle. Secondly I’ve read pretty much everywhere, that Becky should win the Rumble and challenge Ronda. Seems a little bit “safe” and predictable to me. So why not have Ronda costs Becky the Smackdown Championship and/or the Rumble, Becky returns the favor by costing Ronda her belt. Let’s say Charlotte wins the Rumble, a natural rematch against Asuka takes place. Sasha in heelish manner likes to around proclaiming she’s the only woman to defeat Ronda, she faces the winner of the Elimination Chamber and Becky/Ronda is gonna happen naturally. Plus I think keeping them 2 on separate brands just adds to the spice. This way 3 matches are born, instead of a predictable match/storyline and let’s face there’s nothing more then a WWE fan loves to moan about then predictability (except logic).

I think that the lure and accomplishment of the main event supersedes the threat of burnout.  If it’s me, as a wrestler, I want to think I could win that crowd back.  I want the main event.  I hear what you are saying but sometimes I think it makes sense to go with the predictable when it’s the right thing to do.  In this case, I think having Ronda undefeated at Mania and having Beck want her (and Ronda want her back), is the best way to go.   I think they both need to want to fight the other.  They could go with Becky returning the favor and costing Ronda her belt, but I would prefer they they let Ronda go in with no losses so if/when Becky beats her, it means more.

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