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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-01-11 21:14:00

We start off with Tom Lawlor is in the back and he is outside the door of Promociones Dorado and Sami Callihan and Salina de la Renta are arguing over Sami’s money. She tells him that he has not done what she contracted him to do.

Tom walks away.

We are in Miami, Florida and your announcers are Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini.

We get comments from Low Ki. He says this weeks marks the 15th anniversary of his undefeated streak in MLW. He has gone through the world class athletes that MLW has put in front of him. He will not lose any time soon. He will ride off into the sunset and retire as the greatest MLW Champion.

Match Number One: Dragon Lee versus Rich Swann

Lee offers his hand and Swann refuses. They lock up and Swann with a side head lock and Lee with a fish hook into a front face lock. Swann with a front face lock and Lee with a wrist lock. Swann with a reversal. Lee gets to the ropes and Swann returns to the wrist lock. Lee with a hip toss and Swann with an arm drag. Swann with a head scissors but Lee with a cartwheel. Lee with a head scissors take down.

Swann with a leg sweep and he gets a near fall. Lee with a leg sweep and he gets a near fall. Both men go for drop kicks at the same time. Swann wants a test of strength, but it was just a way for Swann to do some dancing. Swann with a drop kick. Swann with a chop in the corner. Swann with another chop in a different corner. Swann goes to a third corner for a third chop.

Lee with a drop kick and Swann goes to the floor but Lee goes Tranquilo. Swann with a kick that ends the tranquilo. Swann with punches to the head. Lee goes to the floor and Swann follows and sends Lee into the light tower. Swann tries to chop Lee but Lee moves and Swann hits metal. Lee with a kick but Swann sends Lee back into the ring. Swann with a snap mare and kick to the back. Swann kicks Lee in the midsection. Swann puts Lee in the tree of woe and tries to take off the mask.

Swann with a drop kick to the chest. Lee with a rana and drop kick into the corner. Lee with a leg sweep from the apron and he slingshots in and kicks Swann. Lee with a butterfly shoulder breaker followed by an elbow from for a near fall. Swann with a back heel kick or two. Swann has a third one blocked and Lee with a back heel kick. Swann with a back heel kick and somersault leg to the back of the neck followed by a frog splash for a near fall. Swann with a forearm and he tries for a suplex but Lee blocks it and hits a clothesline to the back of the head. Lee kicks the ropes into Swann’s throat. Lee with a German suplex but Swann lands on his feet. Swann with a kick but Lee with a knee and reverse rana. Swann with a spinning back heel kick and both men are down. Lee with a forearm and Swann fires back. The continue the exchange. Swann with a roling elbow and then they exchange kicks. Lee with a knee to Swann and then Lee is sent to the apron. Lee kicks the turnbuckle as Swann is sent into the turnbuckles. Lee goes up top and Swann with enzuigiris. Swann with a jumping Frankensteiner.

Swann goes up top for the Phoenix Splash but Lee moves. Lee with a Dragon Driver for the three count.

Winner: Dragon Lee

We go to the back and Sami Callihan asks Ace Romero if he has seen Tom Lawlor. Ace says he has not seen him. Sami bumps into a random man in the back and asks for Tom Lawlor.

Brian Pillman Jr. asks Tommy if he hears that. It is the sound of Brian’s cane when it hit Kevin Sullivan’s skull. That was the sound of a millennial putting an old geezer out of his miseries. Brian says he is sick of Tommy shaking his fist yelling at people to get off his lawn. Brian says this is his playground now. You are trying to hold on to his father’s ways. He is not afraid of Tommy and he is not afraid of using a cane. You politicked for a Singapore Cane Match. It is good at slaying the impostors. You are nothing but a phony. It won’t just be a Singapore Cane, Brian will be bringing out Old Reliable.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Tom Lawlor is in the back and he wants Sami to know where he is.

Match Number Two: Tommy Dreamer versus Brian Pillman Jr. in a Singapore Cane Match

Dreamer trips Pillman from the floor before the bell rings. Dreamer swings and misses as Pillman goes to the floor. Dreamer hits Pillman in the midsection with the cane. Pillman misses an elbow drop and Dreamer hits Pillman with the cane. Pillman with a chop and forearm as Pillman appears to be dressed for winter with all of the layers.

Dreamer with a hip toss using the cane and then Dreamer hits a DDT. Dreamer pulls off some of Pillman’s layers and chokes him with it and then Pillman is sent to the floor. Dreamer punches Pillman and then he takes a beer and drinks it and spits the beer in Pillman’s face. Dreamer pours some beverages in Pillman’s face. Dreamer goes into the crowd and chops Pillman. Drearmer misses a chop and hits the ring post.

Dreamer is dropped groin first onto the guardrail and Pillman follows with a super kick. Pillman with knees. Pillman wrings the arm into the ring post. Pillman has one of the canes and he stomps on Dreamer’s hand and then hits it with the cane. Pillman works on the wrist and then he sends Dreamer to the mat. Pillman puts the cane on the hand but Dreamer gets back to his feet. Pillman with a back elbow and drop kick.

Pillman goes to the turnbuckles and hits Dreamer with the cane as he comes off and gets a near fall. Pillman returns to the fingers and tries to hyperextend them. Dreamer with punches but Pillman with a forearm and slam. Pillman grabs the cane but drops it. Pillman gets his cane and goes to the turnbuckles. Dreamer hits Pillman in the midsection with the Singapore cane. Pillman and Dreamer exchange punches.

Dreamer with jabs and then he hits a Dreamonic Elbow. Dreamer with a power slam for a near fall. Dreamer looks under the ring and gets a chair. Dreamer puts Pillman over the chair and then Dreamer hits Pillman in the back with the Singapore cane. Pillman with a drop toe hold onto the chair and Pillman gets a near fall. Pillman hits Dreamer in the leg with the Singapore cane then he hits him in the back and ribs. Dreamer wants Pillman to hit him but Dreamer moves and Dreamer with a side Russian leg sweep. Dreamer gets a Singapore cane and hits Pillman with it and follows with a cutter for a near fall.

Dreamer gets Pillman on his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver but Pillman with a rake of the eyes and then he hits Dreamer low with the Singapore cane and follows with a swinging wrist cluch neck breaker for the three count.

Winner: Brian Pillman Jr.

Sami Callihan continues his search for Tom Lawlor and he has a hammer. He is told where Lawlor is and Sami is on his way.

Mance Warner is coming to MLW.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the MLW Super Fight Control Center.

Simon Gotch will face Ace Romero. Rey Horus faces Aerostar. Mance Warner makes his debut. Low Ki will finally defend the MLW Championship against Tom Lawlor. The Lucha Brothers will face the Hart Foundation with the MLW Tag Titles on the line.

Match Number Three: Fred Yehi versus Low Ki (with Salina de la Renta) for the MLW World Champoinship

They lock up and Yehi goes for the leg but Ki with a front face lock. Ki with a triangle in the ropes and the referee warns Ki. Yehi with a front face lock but Ki with a wrist lock. Yehi backs Ki into the ropes and Ki with a forearm. Ki iwht a snap mare but Yehi with a slam. Ki with a shoudler tackle but Yehi grabs the leg to stop Ki. Ki with a strike to the head but Yehi fires back with a chop. Yehi works on the knee.

Yehi with a step over toe hold but Ki goes for a heel hook. Yehi escapes. They lock up and Yehi with a front face lock into a gutwrench but Ki gets to the ropes. Ki with punches that sends Yehi into the corner. Ki with a kick to the chest. Ki has a kick blocked and Yehi stomps on the foot and hits a drop kick.

Ki gets to the ropes to stop Yehi. Yehi with a rollup for a near fall. Ki holds on to the ropes to stop Yehi. Ki with an elbow to the top of the head followed by a forearm to the back of the neck. Ki with a double stomp to the back for the three count.

Winner: Low Ki (retains champoinship)

We go to the back and Sami Callihan is still looking for Lawlor. Callihan flinches when he hears a noise. Callihan goes into a room and he closes the door.

The door opens and Tom Lawlor emerges with the hammer.

We go to credits.+

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