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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-11 10:00:00

Hey guys my question is about Wrestlemania 35 AXXESS. I'm writing this question up mid January and to this date WWE hasn't announced anything for the big convention in New York/New jersey in April. IS WWE even planning on having a big AXXESS convention this year or is it going to be a small one as I've heard they had trouble finding a venue months back? also do you guys know where AXXESS is going to be in NYC? Thanks guys for the answers God bless!

All we have heard is that it will will be in New York City, but that was several months ago.  They placed tickets on sale year the final week of January, so we have a few weeks until they get to that point.  I have no idea where it could be held or whether it will be on a smaller stage.  They have looked at all sorts of venues in the NYC Metropolitan area

I just can’t understand why Vince would come out on Raw saying that Raw needed to be shaken up with new faces (which the lack of new faces was never the issue to begin with) and then after 3 weeks of hype,  unceremoniously debut 2 of the talent on a show no one watches like Main Event. That’s beyond being out of touch. That’s just plain bad business. It’s public ally saying one thing and doing the opposite. Did that upset anyone in the back that you’re aware of? Has Vince lost his ability to create stars? Or am I making too big of a deal out of something that is just “more of the same”? I just don’t see why anyone would pour millions into a developmental system to completely squander its produce.

If the matches end up being dark matches (which we will know for sure once Main Event airs), then they were likely matches held so that members of WWE management could see Lacey Evans and EC3 firsthand.  I get exactly where you are coming from here, but Charlotte debuted in a short, meaningless match against Natalya once, which I thought was completely ridiculous, but in the end, it worked out for her.  Hopefully it will work out for these other talents as well.  I doubt anyone but the most die-hard fan will remember the EC3 and Lacey dark matches just like most have more than forgotten Charlotte vs. Natalya.

Who picks the Hidden Gems on the WWE Network?

I would gather someone who works on the tape library.  Once they pick them, they probably get approved by the legal department.

If Rousey hasnt been this good, do you think they'll still place the title that fast to her?  My guess is they won't but they'll still give her PPV matches as she's a mainstream attraction.
What do you think?

I honestly think she would have gotten the title no matter what.  WWE made a big investment in her and she was going to bring them attention and awareness, no matter what.  The fact that she's developed into a hell of a performer in the ring was a great bonus but I think what put her over the top was Ronda the UFC personality and she would likely gotten the title and the exact same push even if she hadn't been such a prodigy in the ring for the same reason WCW pushed Goldberg so hard - you have to strike when the iron is hot.

When do you think AEW debuts on TV?

When they sign a TV deal that makes them money.  They shouldn't even think about doing TV unless it's going to make them money.  It's expensive to produce TV.  The golden goose in wrestling, as WWE has shown us, is to get someone to pay you for your content.  That has to be AEW's goal here.  Nothing else.

Was that Robbie E on Titan Games?

Yes, that was him.

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