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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-10 10:00:00

Seeing the news on Jerry Lynn made me wonder what’s up with RVD?

Rob Van Dam is in California and only working select professional wrestling dates.  He’s stated in court proceedings related to his divorce that an eye injury has prevented him from being cleared to work for WWE.

The passing of Mean Gene made me think fondly about Rod Trongard from the AWA.  Any idea how he’s doing?

Sadly, Trongard passed away of liver cancer in 2006.

Is the Nigel McGuinness documentary WWE airing this week the same one that he made years ago?  Is Les Thatcher in this?

No, this was a documentary that WWE actually put together about 5-6 months ago that they have been waiting to release.  While it’s possible some of Last of McGuinnness could be used, this is an original WWE production.  Thatcher was interviewed last year in Connecticut for the documentary.

Do you think WWE will promote Eva Marie on Celebrity Big Brother?

They may reference it on their website or social media, but given how deep they are in with FOX and NBC Universal, I don’t see them putting a lot of time and effort into promoting someone who isn’t a WWE contracted talent on a rival network.

Thoughts on the Priscilla Kelly tampon spot?

I didn’t care for it personally, but it took place at an event in a bar for an adult audience and it was a spot geared for that crowd.  That stuff is all subjective.  I think if you like the Joey Ryan penis spots but knocked this, you are being a little hypocritical.  To me, it’s just something that happened and for whatever reason ended up being shared and if Kelly can make some money out of it, more power to her.  It’s not something I would have enjoyed seeing, but there were lots of death matches and things like that I have seen and covered that people hated that I thought were enjoyable.  It’s all how you look at pro wrestling.

Settle a bet – WWF Raw GM Mike Adamle WAS the same guy from American Gladiators a million years ago, correct?

Yes, same person.

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