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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-10 09:55:00

WWE released the following trailer for their documentary on former ROH World Champion and current WWE announcer Nigel McGuinness, which will debut this Saturday on the WWE Network:

It will be interesting to see how they handle McGuinness' history in relation to the company.  As documented in McGuinness' own emotional documentary about the end of his in-ring career The Last of McGuinness, he was offered a WWE deal in 2009 and finished out his run with Ring of Honor.  During pre-signing medical testing, he was told that a former bicep injury (which he had told WWE about when asked about any previous medical issues) would need to be surgically fixed before WWE would be willing to sign him.  McGuiness' own doctors had cleared him after that injury had previously healed and he had no issues with it (and never did again) so when he declined the have the surgery, WWE revoked the offer.  He would go on to Impact Wrestling as Desmond Wolfe before contracting hepatitus B (which he believed happened in the ring) and making the decision to end his in-ring career while watching Daniel Bryan, who was signed at the same time and was his final ROH opponent, go on to WWE stardom.  McGuinness began working again for Ring of Honor as an announcer and on-air matchmaker before getting an offer to join WWE as they launched their UK brand.

McGuinness commented on the documentary on Twitter after the trailer was released, writing:


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