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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-11 08:15:00

*Impact Champion Johnny Impact comes out and wants to fight Killer Kross for what he did to Taya with the idea she’s been hospitalized.  Brian Cage instead comes out and wants a rematch.  Killer Kross came out and stirred the pot by noting Cage had Impact beat at the PPV.  Kross said he would put Taya right back in the hospital.   They all get into a fight.  Cage promises he will be the next champion.

*Pentagon,Jr. and Fenix beat Zachary Wentz and Desmond Xavier.

*Josh Mathews interviewed Rich Swann. Sami Callihan comes out and offers Swann a chance to join OVE. Willie Mack goes after Callihan as Swann tries to pull them apart, so the idea is Swann is conflicted.

*Willie Mack pinned Sami Callihan 

*Scarlett Bordeaux says she will announce the winner of her talent search “next week”. She starts to do her dance routine, but The Desi Hit Squad come out and stop her and tell her she should announce them as the talent search winners now and not wait a week. Scott Steiner comes out and lays them out.  Scarlett gives Steiner a lap dance.  Steiner is not the winner of her search, which apparently will be revealed in a pre-tape.  The idea was that now that Impact is on Pursuit, she can be racier but DHS came out to prevent that, which upset Steiner who wanted to see Scarlett dance.

*Tessa Blanchard beat Calle.

*Killer Kross beat Johnny Impact in a Non-Title No DQ match when Moose interefered and Kross was able to use his chokehold.


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