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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-08 11:35:00

Ed Nordholm, the President of Impact Wrestling parent company Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions, LLC gave a speech to the Impact Wrestling roster backstage before last night's Impact Wrestling taping in Nashville, TN. 

According to several sources we spoke to, it was very much a positive speech with Nordholm noting the company accomplished what they wanted to set out to do in 2018.   Nordholm told the roster 2017 was a "learning year" after Anthem took over the company and that 2018 was about getting them in position for the future.  He said that everyone is optimistic and enthusiastic for what is to come in 2019. 

During his address to the roster, Nordholm put over there has been growth of the Fight Network (which Anthem owns) internationally and that Impact has and will continue to be a big part of that. 

Nordholm also addressed the company’s move to The Pursuit Channel, noting that one of the reasons Anthem took over the company was so that they could have it for their own assets and Pursuit is one of those assets.  With the deal at Pop ending, Impact now has the digital rights to the Impact Wrestling series again, which is why they can also simulcast it on Twitch on Fridays.

During the meeting, Nordholm took questions from the roster and specifically addressed that there were some rumblings last year that Anthem was looking to sell the company, assuring everyone that is not the case and that they shouldn’t be worried about anything along those lines.   

Scott Steiner's appearance last night was done to give something extra for the Pursuit Channel debut.  The door is open for more down the line, but it was something done specifically just for the Nashville taping and not meant to be the start of a storyline for Steiner.

The next planned Impact PPV will be in April, although the exact date has not been locked in.  Traditionally, that has been Lockdown, but we are told that is not 100% set in stone.


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